Crying In The Fetal Position!

  1. Ok, I've been bitten by the Bal Bug. Damn that pesky bug!!!!

    Just bought a Greige City from Bal NY on Tues. stilling waiting for it to arrive today and bidding on a Blk Shrug on eBay (oh my god I wanted to SOOOO much) and lost it by just a couple seconds and $2!!!!!!!!! :cursing: :hysteric: :hysteric: :crybaby:

    Just wondering, does ANY STORE out there have a Black/Dark/Dark Red/Dark Brown Shrug?? I really want a darker color.

    THANKS......have to go back and start crying again and wait for the UPS guy!!

  2. There were Shrugs at Barneys New York last time I checked...

    Don't cry, it's just a bag.:flowers:
  3. thanks!! I will check. I guess not so much crying as, "Damn so :cursing: close " and my computer does this silly, refresh page thing before I can type my bid in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I was watching that auction myself. And sensed that there would be last-minute nastiness. eeek!
  5. :smile: I'm happy for the person who got this :smile: I'm sure they will love it just as much as I would. BUT I do wish I was the winner...what can I say :P
  6. oh Amanda, so sorry you didn't get it,... don't worry yours will come around
  7. why didn't you use esnipe?