Crying...I cut my own bangs!

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  1. OMG!
    I am an idiot! Two weeks ago I was at the hairdresser's for a cut. He did a nice job on the bangs (a side-swept look), but he didn't texturize them enough. They just felt bulky and fell forward....wouldn't stay to the side.
    Well just now I went into the bathroom to try and "texturize" them myself.
    HORRIBLE! I look ridiculous! Not to mention the fact that since my hair is highlighted/lowlighted, they look even choppier b/c the variations in color show where I've cut it. I could bawl....they are way too short now and aren't even side swept anymore. HELP!:crybaby:
  2. uh oh! so sorry this happened, but remember its only hair, and it grows, but i think that you should go to a stylist and explain your situation, it happens all the time to people.
    if you dont want to do that, you can cheer yourself up by buying some nice barrettes and pinning your bangs back.
  3. Oh no! Call him back first thing in the morning! Stylists do make cuts better if you are not happy with your cut. Pinning your hair back or wearing a nice headband for now may help.
  4. I agree!!
  5. Aww don't worry too much, I cut my bangs about a month ago too short too. But they grew out and now I like how it looks. Maybe you could just pin them back while they grow out again.
  6. my mother always says the difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is 3 weeks. hope everything turns out OK for you and at least it will grow back.
  7. We have all been there and done things to our hair. I would go back to the stylist and let him blend them to fix it. I am sure he will be happy to do it for you. You can also wear headbands to keep the bangs off your face. My friend did that when her mother cut her bangs way toooooo short. They grew quick so in a month you will probably feel just fine.
  8. Maybe one day it will make for a good story. I remember in the 7th grade my mom cut my bangs. She kept cutting and cutting to get them even. Well, after all was said and done, not even the smallest of curling irons would curl them. And, to make it worse I had school pictures. Horrifying then but makes a funny story now. However, I do feel bad for you in the mean time.
  9. The same thing happened to me,so i went back to my stylist and she fixed it.You can always put pins or barretes.I'll grow back don't worry.
  10. ok its not funny .. i did it when i was like 8 and have pictures galore to remind me of it .... i suggest lots of baseball hats and pins... or u could always do a britney ;)

    sorry .. i know thast nto too helpful
  11. ^^ LOL I did it in the 6th grade right before class pictures! So I have memories to last a lifetime of not to ever do it again!
  12. Yes, I think we never grow out of the impluse to cut our own hair. My 4 year old cut her own hair a few months ago...It was horrifying! I walking into her room and found clumps of hair everywhere!! She took most of it off one side, i.e, mullet:wtf: and a huge clump off the top. Ugh.

    I am sure your hairdresser will be able to do something with your bangs and, you never know, maybe you will find a new do that you like better.
  13. I just had a stylist cut my bangs too short about 3 weeks ago. What I've been doing is just pinning them back with bobby pins, barettes, headbands and so on. It won't be long til they grow back! Lesson learned, too!
  14. I "trimmed" my own bangs a couple of months ago when I was tired and not wearing my glasses and wound up with a real Bettie Page thing which, after the intitial shock wore off, looked pretty good. It's now my new look, LOL.

    The good news is that your bangs will grow out quickly. Don't despair!
  15. AWWW. Why would you cut your own hair when you can afford to go to a stylist? I used to cut my own hair when I was younger and broke. If you're at a stylist and they haven't achieved the look you want, you should tell him next time before you leave.