*cry* *whine* No Yoyos for me!

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  1. I was so looking forward to going out today and either buying or special ordering a pair of Yoyo 85s in Camel. I went to Neiman Marcus and Saks and neither company have the shoe anywhere in their stores. So, I then called the Cali CL boutique to see if they could tell me. None of the boutiques have the Yoyos and in order to special order from Paris, it would take 2-3 months and an additional 30% cost! Most of the other CLs are too high for me and I really wanted this shoe! :crybaby:
    I might try Barney's, but Im not being too optimistic here. Just wanted to cry and whine. If anyone happens to know where I can get this shoe or sees one anywhere, please let me know! I need this shoe! Thanks!
  2. Have u try calling the CL boutique at Horatio, Las Vegas or Madison? I can't remember which one but one of them had the camel yoyo a week ago.
  3. Have you checked NM?
  4. hip_28 - I got an email from Horatio that they didnt order the shoe and I just called Beverly Hills today to which they told me they think the Yoyo was a NM or Barneys shoe.

    sakura - yes, thats where I originally saw them at..unfortunately the shoe wont be available until April! :sad:

    ronsdiva - yep, I was at NM today and they checked all the other stores as well. None to be had.
  6. Saks at the Short Hills Mall had Yoyos in burgundy and I believe black and nude. Call and ask for Natasha.
  7. ^ Thanks so much..I just pm'd Mai Britt. Of course, the color in her photo looks different than the Camel on the NM website, so now Im not sure which is right.
    I was always nervous about calling Paris because I didnt know if anyone there spoke english. I speak very little french, but not enough to hold a conversation or understand the other person LOL I think Im off to call Saks now.
  8. Call CL las vegas!