Cry of help to those who have been to Paris/London!

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  1. Hey ladies,

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but I would imagine a lot of you have visited Europe (specifically Paris and London) so hopefully someone can offer some advice!

    I might be going with my mother in mid February, and wanted to know if you guys had any tips on where to stay, how to get around, etc. The purpose of this trip is actually mainly to go get a birkin (fingers crossed they have the one i want in stock?), but from reading tourist tips online, it seems like getting around (without getting lost) might be a struggle in itself. i'm not quite sure where to start, i suppose i want to look for a hotel near a subway line and in the city, preferably close to the shopping area (which i'm not familiar with either, other than Bond St in London ...)

    I really don't have too much time, looking at maybe 1 week to 1.5 weeks in paris + London. I was thinking of flying to London, spending a few days there, and then taking the train over to Paris.

    Thanks in advance for all your help! :smile:
  2. hi! Welcome..u need to post this in the travel forum....u will get more help there!
  3. i don't know about london, but i was in paris this past summer. personally, i used the metro the entire time i was there, there are stops everywhere and walking distances are not too bad. the hermes store i went to off rue royal (i think) was pretty big and had a decent amount of stock. i felt like the metro in paris was pretty safe and clean, though it can get a bit confusing since its different from the trains i'm used to here. u get little tickets that u use once each and it becomes a bit of a pain to keep track of used vs new tickets. u have to keep the old tickets too, sometimes, to get out of stations (so don't throw them away right after using!) good luck and hope u have a good trip!
  4. London and Paris are both very easy to get around if you use the underground/metro. In Paris I'd advise you to figure out how to get where you're going in advance or carry a map or use a GPS, since the French don't speak very much English at all (and the ones who do often wont) The underground is very easy to get around, but when you get out on the street it might be difficult to find someone who can give you directions in English. Have fun! :flowers:
  5. ^Lol on behalf of my country, apologies !! understand the Parisians in the street : they are stressed running to or from work after the next metro, they are used to people stoping them every 5 minutes to ask for money, a cigarette, or tourists for directions (since there are millions of tourists there), they suck at english and are ashamed of it and again very wary of people asking them something. Even if they look cold and sad, a smile will go a long way !! Ask first if they speak english.

    Back to topic : the metro is EASY and the best way to get around. Don´t forget to ask for a weekly/ week end/ day pass.
    For booking a hotel just avoid the areas next to "Porte de (something)"....outskirt = bad.
  6. Take a look at this thread:

    Buying perfect bag in FSH

    FSH= Hermes flagship boutique located at 24 Rue de Faubourg St Honore

    If you want more info about buying a Birkin, do a search or start a thread in the Hermes forum. The ladies and gents in that forum are very nice and extremely helpful.