Cry for help---Rouge H Clemence pics?

  1. Does anyone have, or can some kind soul point me toward a pic of something in Rough H Clemence? My computer is slow and sick, and I have not had much luck today.

    I have searched the threads a bit, and will not be able to be back until I am at work tomorrow. I would be so appreciative if any members have a pic or two of a lovely rouge H clemence goodie for me to look at.

    I have a little something up my sleeve.....
    :ninja: :ninja:

    Thank you in advance, a million times thanks!!!
  2. tell us what, and we'll show you a pic......

  3. Ahahaha! Clever!:graucho:;);)
  4. Here's pix of my Rouge H Trim in Clemence:
    Color is a bit darker than the photos with flash--the dim photo is a better reflection of the color. I think PazT's JPG is also Rouge H in Clemence--it's her signature photo.
    CIMG1609.jpg CIMG1619.jpg CIMG1666.jpg
  5. CB is taking the fifth...........
  6. Spill, CB! :graucho:
  7. She's disappeared....
  8. Maybe her computer took a turn for the worse and kicked the proverbial bucket.
  9. Thank you so much for the pics....i got a little time with DDs laptop:yes:

    OK, here's what's up. (Just because I know you will stuff yourselves full of popcorn if I dont spill it):

    I have been really thinking of this whole evelyne situation. Remember, I was hunting for one... Well, one did not appear, in the meantime, I was humming along to the tune of the "ode to bolide" which is really my favorite bag. As time passed, and the evelyne did not appear, I felt that my hearts desire was really the bolide 31 cm, something mou and colorful. I cant get to H for a while still, so I have to either be patient, or go with my gut with my SA or a reseller.....

    When I see rouge h and vert anis (and raisin, and now that crazy swirly vibrato, and gold...but mostly rough h and vert anis....) I get a crazy feeling, like, I gotta have it.

    Like, where is mr lau?? It's bad.
    Add the bolide, and I am a little nutty.

    So, I am really pondering a bag from a trusted seller, a bolide 31cm in clemence. Rouge H.

    Mou, like me.

    I thought my first bag would come from H, but this bag is really calling to me. And I dont have to shag mr lau to get it.

    I just wanted to see more pictures. And you have so kindly helped me along, because you are the best enablers a girl could ever want.....

    stay tuned...!
    And thank you!:yes: :yes:
  10. Thank you everyone!! Duna, thats an impressive little rouge group!:yes:
  11. here's my rouge H shoulder birkin in clemence :

  12. Cobalt, go for it! I love RH Clemence. And you could always order a canvas strap for the Bolide 31 and wear it like a messenger!
  13. rouge H clemence bolide is beautiful!!! last week, i saw a 37 at the nyc store. if i didn't already have a kelly in the color, i would have snatched it up. good choice CB! and good luck!