Cruz Sisters Debut Mango Clothing

  1. Penelope Cruz and lil’ sis Monica Cruz celebrate their clothing collection for Spain-based fashion chain Mango on Monday at Atzaro Hotel in Ibiza, Spain.
    The identical-twin fantasy actress/designer sisters designed a collection together based on vintage pieces from their own wardrobes with a mix of red-carpet-inspired evening wear, jeans, knits and daywear.
    Penelope has said, “This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time. We just had to find the right people to do it with. We’ve always loved clothes – we used to hide in the bathroom with fashion magazines and say, ‘I want that one”.
    Penelope, 33, and Monica, 30, plan to launch their collection on Sept. 16.
    cruz-sisters-mango-clothing-01.jpg cruz-sisters-mango-clothing-03.jpg cruz-sisters-mango-clothing-05.jpg cruz-sisters-mango-clothing-02.jpg cruz-sisters-mango-clothing-04.jpg
  2. I like the dress Penelope is wearing. I wonder how much it will retail at? I prob. wouldn't be able to get it anyway since some crazies will prob buy it the day of and then sell it on eBay.
  3. Wow! They look so much alike. They're both beautiful.
  4. will their clothes be available in US? I love each item they have on.
  5. How nice!
  6. They are both so beautiful, how alike do they look . . . . . Wow!
    As a huge fan of Penelope I can't wait to see ther clothing rage, judging by what they are both wearing it looks really cute!
    Thanks for posting Karo!
  7. You're welcome Rose!
    They both are beautiful women and they both look gorgeous. Can't wait to see their collection.
  8. If they want to sell clothes, the the sister in the pants should make sure they fit.....they are too long and look filthy on the bottom.
  9. Wow... I didn't know she had a twin. ^^ I agree about the pant suit, it is way to long and it isn't very flattering past the waist.
  10. they both are pretty and look very similar but I think that Monica is prettier than Penelope.
  11. she doesn't, her sis is 3 years younger than her. They say twin cuz they look so much alike, as if they were twins. ;)
  12. the identical twin part threw me off!
    i agree with the pantsuit. it looks really bad.
  13. Penelope's younger sister is way prettier than she is!
  14. It's amazing how much they look alike!
  15. I had no idea there was a sister - she is stunning.