1. 2 days ago I broke a bone in my foot playing ball hockey. Not only can I not drive, I can't wear heels, and worse of all I can't even carry a purse while hobbling on crutches.:crybaby:
  2. I am sorry to hear this. Walking on crutches is no fun. You will feel better in no time. Get well soon!
  3. When I was on crutches a few years ago, I was tempted to screw in a hook on my crutches to hold my bag.... would work! ;)
  4. Thanks, I might have to try it.
  5. Sounds like it is time for a Chanel, Gucci,or Louis Vuitton waist bag(nice name for fanny pack!)!!! Sorry about your foot!!
  6. That's a good idea too; it would justify buying another purse...:idea:
  7. Aww, I feel your pain!! I sprained my ankle really badly in June (I was dancing in my kitchen and I slipped and fell), and I of course need to carry a bag. So what I did was carry my Coach demis tucked under my arm against my crutch. It was a bit uncomfortable, but I was able to carry my bag, lol!! Or, if you have a bag where you can unclip the strap, you can clip it onto one of your crutches!!
  8. Aww :sad: sorry to hear of your mishap. Sending you best wishes for a quick recovery!
  9. ooohh i'm so sorry to hear that. but maybe you can still use a shoulder bag?
  10. I was on crutches for 6 weeks, twice, in the past year. I bought an LV messenger bag and that worked pretty well. I hope you feel better soon. Don't let it cramp your style too much -- you should have seen me at NM trying on shoes on just one foot when they were having a sale.
  11. i am really soory....
    fell better!!!:biggrin::welcome:
  12. Thanks everyone. My foot is actually healing a lot faster than I thought it would. I'm almost able to walk on it again. But the worst part about the injury is that I can't play hockey and there's this hot guy at hockey who's been flirting with me.:crybaby: