1. I opened my e-mail this evening and found this....

    Hi Tara,

    Thanks for shopping with Plaza Too. The item that you selected:Rebecca Minkoff Matinee is sold out.

    I do apologize that we were unable to fulfill your order and if there is anything else I can help, you find please e-mail me.

    There has been no charge made to your account.

    Have a great day.


    I was so looking forward to my Midnight/Pewter Matinee and they oversold it!!!!!! I don't know if I'm really mad or really sad.

    Well, I almost had a RM in my mitts. Back to searching. :sad:
  2. Oh, noo! I'm so sorry! I'd be upset too. I'm sure you'll find another awesome deal though. We'll help!

    Actually, I ordered the same one, so I might end up getting the same email.
  3. That's awful. I'm so sorry!
  4. I got the same email. And I ordered pretty early in the sale, so I wonder how many bags they actually had.
  5. ^I believe there is a Tobi code floating around. I think its GRECHEN??
  6. BAM!

    From Grechen:
    either of these works:
    10% off - GRECHEN10
    10% off - TOUTIE10
  7. Thanks ladies for searching for me. You are the best! :tup:

    I think I'm going to hold off for a bit. I don't want to rush and pay full price when something else could come along.

    Maybe I'll just save up for a spring bag!
  8. ^ Love that positive attitude....even though underneath it all, I know you're seething.

    I'm expecting a midnight/pewter Matinee......I hope I like it.
  9. Oh, I'm sorry. That is such a bummer :sad: I haven't heard anything from them at all yet so mine is probably cancelled too. I am sure you will find something fabulous that you love even more from the spring line!
  10. Oh no! This is awful to have the order cancelled. There is no need to rush and pay for a full price bag. I am sure there will be other good deals coming up.
  11. Wow, so many people got canceled order! Such a bummer =( I was hoping to have matching bags with alot of you ladies! I just got an email to say that mine was shipped... I feel kind of bad now =/
  12. aww, im sorry that happened! but keep searching... and it'll come to you!!
  13. Bummer, no worries we'll help you find a good deal somewhere else! The ladies on this forum are all very helpful!
  14. :rant: Darn it all! These places need to update their websites. This happened to me with owlslab. I agree, don't buy without codes.