Crushed Lambskin Bowling Bag

  1. Anyone seen this bag? :shrugs: They show this bag in an off white on their website and I would love to see the side. It looks like EXACTLY what I am looking for!! :yahoo:

    It is a shoulder bag with a leather shoulder strap and it appears quilted. It is under 'collections: fall/winter 2006/7', 10th picture.

    Thanks! :p Retail $??
  2. More description:
    -Diamond quilted leather
    -zipper top
    -2 leather shoulder handles
    -comes in black and a beige
    -w/silver CC on zipper (only logo on the bag)
    -came out fall/winter 2006

    Anyone have one? Pics??
  3. I think you are describing the Cloudy Bundle bowler which is made of crushed lambskin leather. The bag on the left below?
  4. Thank you, thank you! I have been dying to see a pic.