Crunch Time: Share Your Pre-Price Increase Wishlist!

  1. Sadly we have one month to go before the price increase. :crybaby: Is anyone planning to get something before that happens? I would love to get any one of these within the next few weeks.

    In order of preference:
    - medium black lambskin classic flap w/ silver hardware (I already have the smaller version, but since it's my dream bag, I'm afraid to use it!)
    - black caviar PST (zip closure) w/ gold hardware
    - medium white caviar flap w/ silver hardware

    I keep buying black, but I can't seem to help it. It looks so nice! I would love a red one, but it's almost unattainable. I just gotta decide which (and when to strike)! Does anyone else have a mini pre-price increase wishlist to share?
  2. Will the expandable flaps go up in price?...I am wanting one of those next...
  3. My wishlist would be:
    - Black caviar medium classic flap with gold h/w
    - White caviar e/w with silver h/w
    - Red caviar medium classic flap with gold h/w (unfortunately, it's not available... )
    - Bordeaux Reissue 226
    - Black Reissue with Gold H/w
    - Khaki / Dark Silver Baby Cabas

    Unfortunately, some of them are unattainable too and I'm on a purse ban. So it seems likely I will be paying post-price increase prices for them
  4. I love the white caviar flap-keep seing pix here of proud owners with their bags and I REALLY want one too!
  5. I've been going back and forth about Cerf Tote.
    I love it, but have had another tote, and still justifying it ;)

    Last posting I saw looks like it's $1950, does anyone know whether that's the increased price? or still pre-increase price??
  6. An expandable tote is what has caught my eye but unfortunately so has the state of my bank balance . . .!
  7. I'm probably getting the Modern Chain Flap at the Saks EGC event (event though I'm SUPPOSED to be on a bag heehee) I really want a flap bag and the Modern Chain is classic with a twist! And the price is great...That's probably going to be my only purchase for a while-though I will have to decide what to do with my EGC's...Hmmmmmmmmmm
  8. Baby Khaki Cabas
  9. Black Baby Cabas
    New Black Luxury Bowler

    I'm on the waitlist for both bags - hope they come in pre-increase.
  10. Black GST with gold hardware for me! Maybe some shoes just because I will be there! LOL!
  11. Black jumbo classic flap or a black lady braid satchel...
  12. black caviar jumbo....pretty please!
  13. Besides everything.......nothing really. I got my Pearl Reissue and I am actually quite pleased with myself ....until Tuesday. hahaha.:p
  14. Is the price increase for sure going to happen on September 1st for the flaps?

    Black Medium Flap with Silver HW
  15. J12~!