Crunch time for me! have to place my order should it be a Troika?

  1. Its crunch time for me time to place my order to replace my Ostrich Kelly that got rather messed up during the July flooding I suffered here along with so many other people

    I was thinking should I splash out and upgrade to a croc Kelly?, but my lifestyle now is geared to the countryside not City so would I get to use it that much? Mmmmmmm

    (I also have a lovely porous us crocodile Kelly bag not made by Hermes but vintage and v pretty.)

    So ladies I met Elise lady we trundled of to Hermes and a lovely SO showed me a Troika bolide which I thought was gorgeous, but as a devoted “Kelly girl”, I asked if this was possible she said yes. But in brown. She phoned today Eeek what to do? I was out so have to phone the boutique Thursday I think she may have one there.:shrugs:

    I am a devoted boring, black person, and I would not use brown as much, and I am waffling :girlsigh:

    What are your thoughts ladies and gents? I love the Constance,:heart:

    I love the Kelly, and only an HAC, would swing me away

    Now I could get a facelift out of the budget if I buy normal leather what do you think? ( I got bad wrinkles now :rolleyes:)

  2. ardneish, definitely get the Troika Bolide!! That sounds so beautiful!! :smile:
  3. Kelly-birkin

    It was so pretty I just love the two textures put together
    but am just dotty about Kellys, also I just never seem to drag myself away from black, it just goes with everything and when I am spending that much money I cant afford to get a color that I wont use too much, I made that mistake with my gold Ostrich Kelly which I must confess has cleaned up quite well considering what its been through

  4. I recently saw the brown troika kelly and I think its a great kelly to have if you have a few
  5. I think a Troika in any colour/style would be absolutely stunning!!!
    I find brown is a more versatile colour in my wardrobe, and loks great with most colours, but you know yourself best. And I KNOW I saw a pic of someones Black Troika Bolide on this forum and it looked STUNNING!!
  6. I am holding off my judgments on the Troika until I see how it wears and last.

    I had a pony hair YSL bag and it started to bald in spots and it burned me.

    I saw a Troika kelly and it was so lovely though.

    but I was thinking of getting a clutch in a Troika...but I am going to wait and see how they last for others, etc

    get an ostrich!
  7. and Troika is more keep that in mind
  8. neishypooh go for a matte croc birkin in 30cm. you'll use it forever!!!!!!!!!!!! it is cas enough for the country.
  9. I don't understand why they can't do a black troika Kelly.:confused1: Black troika is available.

  10. But that means no face lift hautey ! and the wrinkles are getting bad,,


    Birkin moi? mmmmmmmmm
  11. It is:nuts:

    But I have a black box kelly
    A black pm jige
    black ostrich kelly
    gold mucky ostrich kelly

    ( maybe its a confidence thing)
  12. ^^^Yeah, but if you're like me, and you sound like you are, you will reach for the black bag time and time again. I get the impression you are reluctant to get the brown troika as it stands.
  13. If you'd like, I can pop in and have a look on Friday for second opinion. Not working tomorrow, unfortunately...
  14. Yes HG
    I am, its just for that sum of money , I just go for black because it goes with just everything and I like black

    Troika looked so lovely I really like the texture but as gucci says will it wear for v long

    It is calf skin so is that any tougher than pony ( I cant get my head around using horses I just cant)
  15. Yes pls Ebruo

    Sorry we missed meeting up the other week, am in London thursday but working so not time to get to H

    If I had a troika I would be stroking it all the time