Crumpled up Damier Azur

  1. Happy New Year!!!!
    Sorry this is kinda long

    It's new year's day here and there's nothing much to do. My husband told me that we should go to Beverly Center here in LA and pick up a LV purse for me as a new years gift. I was soooo excited and got dressed pretty quick. I had been wanting a Damier Azur Speedy 30 for a while now and I was hoping that I would get one today. I approached the SA and told her exactly what I want. First of all she wasn't friendly and looked me up and down (mind you this is not my first time buying a LV purse) so I just ignored her. She came out with the purse all folded up, no stuffing or anything, no dustbag and I thought that was weird. I was like it doesn't have stuffing inside. She ignored me and gave me a snotty look :tdown:. She proceeded to unfold the bag...the bag had creases all over (it looked like somebody crumpled it up in one big ball of mess) and my husband was like there's creases all over. The SA answered by husband and she said that the purses come folded like that and the crease will eventually go away (with her tone of voice like we were stupid). Anyway, that was the last damier azur speedy 30....I walked away and was feeling disappointed bec. I was treated wrong and the purse of my dreams was all crumpled that even legal? How can someone fold up a LV purse :crybaby:? To make story short...I ended up empty handed and discouraged. Has this ever happened to you guys??? Bad service?
  2. When i got my speedy 35 from, it came all folded up in a dustbag and box. I was disapointed also because i thought the creased made the bag look ugly, but they go away after a short time. It really is just how they come though. :smile:
  3. sorry for the way the sa treated you, i find a lot of sa's have major attitude problems. but the speedys come folded and the crease does go away in time.
  4. Most speedy bags at my boutique are folded inside a drawer behind the counter. I guess it's to save up on space. The crease will eventually go away but will take a couple of days use. However, if you do like something that isnt folded, try another boutique if there's another one near you or the vuitton website....
  5. Yes, that is the way the speedy's come, folded up. It is actually better to get a brand new one that is still folded up instead of a display one that tons of people have touched. But make sure to ask for a different dustbag then the one that comes with it. The one it comes with is small and meant to store a folded speedy. Make sure to ask for a bigger one that you can store your speedy when it is stuffed. This is VERY common. They are used to it. Also make sure to ask for a bigger box.

    It seems like there are a lot of really rude SA's here in Los Angeles.

    I have had really good service with Melissa at the Beverly Center and Lovie at Rodeo.

    I have not found any good SA's at Century City. I find almost all of them rude and unfriendly.

    The worst was Karen at Hollywood and Highland the other night. She was just a total B**ch. Her manager was no better. I do not know her name.

    The best service I have received from LV is at Saks on Wilshire. I went in there on Sunday and I wanted to get some credit card plastic inserts (they were out of them at Rodeo) and she just GAVE them to me.

    I would like to invite you to our get together on Feb 9. See the link below. I promise you will have a blast and will meet a bunch of really great people,
  6. Sorry you had bad service, I bought a damier speedy and it had creases, i couldnt handle it so I exchanged it for the damier hampstead. They do come folded up and it does take a while to get the creases out, stufing them with some t shirts or pillow cases, small pilow, usually it takes about a month to get them out I have heard. i had 2 mini lin speedys and they came to me with card board inside, not folded, dont know why they dont do that with the canvas peices.
  7. Yup yup... Speedy's come folded like that. They will come out with use. Just stuff the bag with shirts and leave it by a window with sunlight.

    Sorry you had to deal with an SA like this... :s
  8. How rude of her. Luckily I've only met nice SAs.
  9. Sorry to hear about your bad experience!

    I always ready myself for bad experiences every time I step into an LV shop here... :throwup:
  10. sorry abt yr bad experience....LV should train better staff to treat customers:yes:

  11. John -- the shirts I understand, but why the window? Does that help the patina process get started? Or is this something particular with Azur? I have been known the load up a tote with books and hang it by its straps over night to straighten it out!
    Thanks --
  12. Judy did that take all the creases out?
  13. [​IMG]
    Mine came like this...

    At first you could see the creases...

    but as you use her and stuff her, they mostly go away. I would never fold her again though. HTH!
  14. purse collector - I'm so sorry that you had to start off your new year with such a disappointing experience at LV. Getting the bag you dream of should be a happy experience and the SA's should answer your questions. I hope that you go back either to that store or a different store and get a better SA who is nicer and get your Azure speedy.

    It took me a while to find a nice SA. I used to only go in and look and be ignored. Now I spend tons and the whole store wants to help me, but I only shop with my SA.
  15. Thanks beljwl - I'll try to make it Feb 9th sounds like fun. I'm kinda shy and we'll see