Crummy LV visit (SCP)

  1. Well...............

    Yesterday we (hub and I) decide to take back my poch. access. in Damier (navona) that arrived the day before. Neway.......I wanted to exchange it for a damier ckbk. instead.

    We go there and take in our return...and it's quite busy. Dh and I are standing at the service desk and we literally weren't acknowledged for almost 15 mins. :rant: During this time..other customers were just crowding ahead of us and the SAs were waiting on them. I decided to walk away and look around and let dh deal with the situation.

    He finally got irked and said he had been waiting awhile, etc. FINALLY.....they decided to pay attention got our return taken care of. The SA said to choose what we wanted to exchange for...took a few mins. to get someone to help me with that too!!!!!!:mad:

    On a good note: I had not been given the lock n' key set for my Damier Speedy that dh picked up for me Fri. (we called and they were/are supposed to be sending me out a set.) Dh told them that and they gave me a set in the store. YAY!:smile: So that was good!!

    Ok, back to the story...

    They didn't have what I wanted and called the Saks LV and they had it. So after much, much, time just to return the poch. access. We head on over to Saks. Once we got there...everything went rather smoothly.:biggrin:

    I'm just glad it's all over....WHEW.....Happy to have my damier ckbk., and lock n key set for my speedy. Was just frustrating I guess. Had to vent. Ok LOL I feel better now!:P
  2. That's why I try not to go on weekends. It is always busy especially right before a price increase.
  3. I go the minute the store opens otherwise it is usually a madhouse! Glad everything worked out for you.
  4. Ya...We've gone during the week and there's hardly anyone there.

    I was telling dh...we could go another day cuz it's gonna be crowded.
    But....He's like, "Let's just get it out of the way..."

    We were out doing other errands so I guess he thought we'd should just go ahead and swing by LV and get the exchange taken care of.

    I was able to ck. out 2 sm. accessories I had wanted to see IRL:

    The Pouchette Tulum...was cute! Small though, of course. Not sure what I would use it for...cuz I already use my mono poch. access. inside my speedies for sm. items. Hmm..:hrmm:

    The Key and Chain holder (Cles) was very cute as well! Seems everyone has on of these. Except me! LOL!...Maybe a lil Xmas gift. Maybe 1 in mono, and 1 in damier? LOL!!....who knows...:amuse:
  5. LVCRAZED, you could probably use the Pochette Tulum as a cellphone holder. The pochette tulum is quite cute - probably a bit too small to fit a digital camera, unless the digital camera was really small and thin.
  6. Coldplaylover: Thx!!!!!! me 2!!:biggrin:

    Eyelove: Ya, for the pouch tulum I was eyeballing seeing whether my cell would fit. But I don't think so. :cry: I :heart: the wapity for my cell...but too big also. :cry: I know..:idea: Maybe I just need a new ph. so I could then get the wapity?!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!:graucho: (btw..I have the treo). It's too tall for the wapity...then w/ the stub antenna it makes it even taller. Grr! Darn it!:rant: Oh well....
  7. Hmmmmm.... I was in there a week ago today and there were very few people in there. Although, it was still kind of early. Anyway, I'm glad it all worked out for you.
  8. Thx!!! So am I...Aww,...glad it's over.:yes:

    When I got my BH back in early May...we went during the wk. Had to take my daughter to the dr. and we decided to stop by LV. (which was only 20 mins. further). There was only a handful of people there. LOL, I went there intending on buying the BH. So I just asked to see it...tried it on, loved it, bought it...out of there! LOL!:biggrin:
  9. Too small to fit the cellphone too? Hmm...well, it would be great for carrying dental floss then... ;)
  10. heehee!!!!!!!!!! ...actually got some of that in my poch. access. Too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:roflmfao:
  11. I also had a bad experience at the SCP LV before... they were really snooty when I bought my pochette accessories a few years ago. I don't know if it's because I was young or because they didn't think I could afford it, but they like ignored me for 20 minutes! They weren't even that busy... they had like 3 SAs helping one woman. WTF. Even when I finally got an SAs attention, she was very slow at helping me, and not very nice. Grr.
  12. Me too! I thought I was the only one... :P
  13. Bleh. I hate when that happens. Although I've had quite a few positive experiences with the new SCP boutique. I guess it just varies depending on the day. I'm glad it worked out for you eventually :smile:
  14. SCP can get rather busy on the weekends. That's why I usually go on the weekdays when it's quite "dead". :lol: Glad you got your exchange done and picked up your keys n' lock. :amuse:

  15. I had my share of being ignored and pushed around at SCP too but that was before I found a SA I really like. It helps if you always go to that same SA and develop a friendship with that person.