Cruise's Delusions Of Grandeur

  1. :wtf: He is Christ now......:yucky:

    I guess money can buy anything after all.
  2. He's lost his mind. :confused1:
  3. He's spent so much money with scientology that they had to reward him somehow lest he stop paying. Is he really this gullible or is it just an ego thing with Cruise?
  4. Yuck!
  5. I think its only a matter of time before people start paying him to shut up ! :nuts:
  6. omg. Thats so funny, its just made my day!
  7. OMG, he's insane. How dare people compare Tom to Christ. (Even if they werent comparing him directly just the fact that they said he's the "Christ" of Scientology is enough to set me off :cursing:
  8. As if I needed a reason to dislike him!! EWWW!
  9. Alrighty then.
  10. Hey, didn't John Lennon get run out of the US for comparing himself to Jesus? Maybe the same will happen to Tom!
  11. "Help me Baby Jesus, Help me Tom Cruise"-- Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights... LOL

    Yes this man has lost his mind.
  12. He's delusional and Scientology will do anything to keep the money coming in. This is just pathetic.
  13. he's a legend in his own mind.
  14. Scientology is a joke, it exists as a "religion" for one purpose and one purpose only, to make money! It is a shame that Scientology has high profile followers like Cruise who agressively market and promote it with the sole purpose of bringing in more money.. erm I mean followers! Hubbard (the founder of Scientology) once stated that if you want to get rich then start a religion! Nough said!