Cruisers - what do you think about the speakers on the ship?

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  1. Has anyone enjoyed the speakers on the ships? Or do you ignore doing these kind of activities.

    My DH has been asked to put together a program & they would consider booking him. Your cabin etc. is your payment (usually). And they usually put the speakers in the top suites. DH was recommended by a very famous music writer that we are friendly with.
  2. What kind of speaker? I've been on a couple cruises and I dont think I've ever noticed speakers on the cruise flyers. But I would certainly be open to seeing one if I saw it listed on the flyer and it was something I was interested in. Cruises are all about trying new things and doing things you might not have done elsewhere, so I think people would be interested in seeing a speaker to learn something new. I say go for it! It's a free cruise whether 1 or 100 people show up to listen to your hubby.
  3. I've only been on one cruise & DH has cruised a few times but on one cruise line. Maybe only certain lines have them. I am far from a specialists to say.

    Sometimes the speakers are related to the sights stopped at. For example they might be specialists in the area of the Egyptian artifacts. They'll bring pictures of the dig & tell stories of things that occurred. They'll explain what you will see, areas of the museum to focus on etc.

    Another speaker we have was Dr Henry Lee's partner. Name escapes me now. He told us about the DNA results in famous trials, OJ Simpson, etc. He did another talk about sociopaths/psychopaths & one on Why do people kill & why we are so intersted in it. These had nothing to do with the trip but were very interesting.

    They also had chefs doing fancy carving with fruit & a dessert class. There are a few held each day. Don't remember what the rest were.
  4. Those all sounds interesting so im sure your hubbys topic is also something interesting that the cruise line thinks will draw people in. While there are a lot of cruisers who love to sit outside and tan 24/7 id say there are an equal amount of people who like to take it easy, stay indoors and try all the different event.s It sounds wonderful! Go and get your "free" trip- it might lead to many more!
  5. All those topics sound really interesting to me....might also be fun if you've been sitting in the sun all day and want to come in and "relax" in the cool ac! go for it!
  6. I have found some speakers to be quite good - particularly as you mentioned - when it was related to one of the destinations, its art, culture and history. I found this to be particularly true when I went to the Baltic. One speaker focused on Russian Folk Art and it was a fascinating discussion and led me to better understand some of the wonderful items I was able to view in museums, etc.

    I have to say your title gave me a good chuckle because when you said speakers, I thought you meant those horrible announcements that they do on some ships over the public speakers and my response was going to be ABSOLUTELY NOT! :roflmfao:

    I think this sounds like a fun opportunity for you both! I just reserved another cruise for this summer - my third to Alaska! :smile:
  7. I want to go to Alaska before it all melts away.
    So many places - so little time.