Cruise Wallets & Bag available at NM San Diego

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  1. From my lovely sales associate at Neiman Marcus in San Diego. Those are some great functional looking wallets...


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  2. Love the wallets! Thanks for posting Mon!
  3. ooh...I want a wallet..hehe
  4. Thanks for posting, very tempting-if i buy that wallet I'll have no money to put in it lol!
  5. oooh white jumbo :drool:
  6. LOVE the wallets
  7. Beautiful colors, thanks for sharing.
  8. i love the white jumbo
  9. I love the wallets. I just wish they had one in black. They look very functional and the price isn't crazy lol.
  10. Thanks for sharing info with us. :heart:
  11. Wow! $595 for a wallet is a great price...wish they came in different colors though!
  12. I love those wallets, and the price is good by Chanel standards! I wish they came in some darker colors. I'm tempted though.
  13. oooh white jumbo with a pink wallet....:love:
  14. I need a wallet and the price is not bad. Thanks for posting!
  15. Love the wallets! Wish there was one in blue!