Cruise Trunk Show Sept 24 Chanel SCP

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  1. My SA just told me to save the date! Looks like I'll have to take a sick (cough, cough) day!
  2. Please take lots of pictures if you can!!!
  3. yes larkie please take pics and bring us bag an update!

    hahaha i typed bag and update instead of back an update.

    too much bags on my mind
  4. i'll take copious notes as that boutique won't let me take pics! i need a spycam haha!
  5. no camera in store?!:blah:

    Yeah, I'll sponsor you a spycam! :sneaky::sneaky::sneaky::whistle:
  6. ooooh so exciting!
  7. wow! I've never been to one...
  8. This is how JIll does a trunk how..LOL..Take hem...!!!!

    Bring your child(mine is 11)...hand her yer iphone.(whatever camera phone u have will do!)...have her take spy pics while u chat and distract SA's.....Works fab for me..AND My daughter has become QUITE a good Bag photographer!ROFLMAO!!!
  9. Hehe, you are too funny! Can we borrow your kid :rolleyes:?

  10. What a great idea
  11. My son's only 3, so I just hold my phone out and act like I'm text messaging someone.
  12. Haha you guys are so funny..

    Jill, you taught your daughter well! One day when I have a kid she better know how to do that for me!
  13. Can anyone go or is it invitation only?
  14. it's open to the public.

    ooh good idea Jill! I gotta go borrow a smart kid from someone :p!
  15. Larkie, we need full report please... :yes:

    I suggest that you get one of those glasses like in the Bond or Mission Impossible movie, hook it up to tpf, so we can it 'live', LOL.... Either that, or ask Jill's daughter to go with you... :p