Cruise Tips and Suggestions?

  1. I love Barcelona! You will have a great time there. How long is your cruise and where does it stop? Tell me more after you come back!
  2. If I am not mistaken do you live in Canada?
  3. We are just back from our Alaska cruise. It was amazing!!! We had beautiful weather and the wildlife were really active. The salmon were running, which means more bear activity! This is on our list to do again....but maybe one that goes a little further north.

    Now we start planning for the Christmas med cruise.
  4. Alaska is a very beautiful place. We went there two years ago. I just was looking on our pictures from this cruise and will post one.
  5. Ohhh, great picture!!! We didn't land on the glacier or anything, but maybe next time!
  6. Great pic and I have to say that you look very pretty.

    dr.Twiggers Now I'm thinking about the Allure for next year. I was wondering, are the long queues to get off the boat at each port?
  8. I haven't read through the entire 30 pages, but I have noticed that it seems everyone is talking about the big cruise lines with the massive ships (ie-Carnival, Princess etc). I personally LOVE cruising, but I have less than no desire to go on the big ships. My husband has been on 2 cruises on thes types of ships with his family, and didn't care for them. (I stayed home, no desire to go on the big ships, especially with the inlaws!) But, together we have been on 4 cruises, and are planning to go on another hopefully in the next year. The cruises we love are the ones on the tall sailing ships. Years ago before the company folded, we went on 2 cruises to the Carribbean on the Windjammer sailing cruises. Our last 2 cruises have been on the Star Clipper line to the Greek Islands (LOVE Greece! It's my Heaven on Earth and can't wait to go back!!) These cruises are more my style-very casual and no crowds. These types of ships carry only around 100-150 passengers. The atmosphere is very relaxed. We usually end up making friends with a few couples and going on shore excursions with them. The sailing ships are SO beautiful too. The Windjammer line has recently started up again and we are hoping to book a Carribbean cruise on them again in the next year or so.
  9. I'd love to this type of cruise. I went on allure of the seas in march and it really turned me off to cruises. I prefer the smaller ships I've been on. Honestly, a donut stand is about the last thing I want on a vacation! It's not my style at all. I know I'm in the minority but i don't get these mega big ships.
  10. I wouldn't ming going on a small ship but they are unfortunately more expensive. My dream cruise is Antarctica... some day, some day.

  11. Not sure what the cost is to go on a mega ship cruise, but we are looking at a Windjammer cruise in the Carribbean on their sailing ship. The cost is around $1399 per person for a week long cruise. This of course includes your cabin and all meals. We are hoping to have a couple of free flights earned on the airlines which can take care of the airfare. I would rather pay a little more, personally, to go on a sailing ship cruise than a mega ship one.

  12. LOL! Then you and I and my husband are all in the minority! He really didn't like the big mega ships. I refused to go on them because to me it just didn't even look appealing with all those people. It just looks like a big floating city. The sailing ships are much more intimate, quiet and relaxing. Another thing, if anyone is concerned about environmental issues, the mega ships dump their huge amounts black water right into the ocean (eewww...) The sailing ships are much smaller and more environmentally friendly. If people like the mega ships, that's ok for them. For me, no way. Give me the sailing ships any day. :smile: (and they make sure they feed you well also! LOL!)
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    We are trying a short Disney cruise in a few days. Anyone done Disney without kids before? thoughts?
  14. I love DCL. Seriously. I have no desire to try any other lines because I love it so much (we've started "visiting" the ships if we happen to be visiting where the ships are docked since we haven't gotten to cruise in a while. It's getting a bit pathetic actually :lol:)

    Would be happy to answer any questions :smile:
  15. Thanks! Do they actually keep kids put of the adults only areas? I am hoping to get some R&R in.

    did you try Remys? Is it worth the up charge?