Cruise Tips and Suggestions?

  1. Olga: I heard a 70 year old man say that Holland was boring LOL

    Mediana; We're actually going the Navigator out of Rome. Originally the Mariner had Egypt, but they changed it to Istanbul. Had I known that in advance, I might have picked that one.
  2. Don't say that. I'm going on HAL next month. :lol:
  3. Everybody - Go to Istanbul! You won't regret it.

    Twigs - you didn't want to go to Egypt? Aren't you getting ready to leave soon?
  4. LOL, he kept saying "There is no nightlife, it shuts down at 9 PM." I thought it was cute!

    A vacation is always what you make of it :smile:
  5. I have been on Carnival and Royal Caribbean and I like Carnival better. I Don't consider it "the Walmart" of cruises. I think most people that say that haven't been on one. If you go on a shorter one on an older ship than it's not going to be the same as going on a longer one or a newer ship.

    I LOVE food and I think most of their food is good to ok. I will try Royal once more time but I doubt I will ever go on HAL or Princess, I think I would get bored.

  6. oh how funny :lol:

    not a matter of age anyway.. I've been on cruises where there "seniors" outparty the youngins .. just a matter of what one's ideal cruise looks like to them
  7. Very true I said earlier, it's all about what YOU make of it :smile:
  8. Hi. I just wandered in from Hermes land. My DH and I have been cruising since our honeymoon in 1981. We've lost count. We have done some lovely Caribbean cruises and a few repositioning cruises. They (repositioning) are wonderful values if you don't mind lots of sea days; probably Atlantic crossing days. Since the airlines have become so restrictive and maddening, we have been cruising from NY. It's an easy drive for us and we are able to sail on the Queen Mary 2 every other year. This fall (Thanksgiving) we are giving Royal Caribbean another try. We got a lovely deal on an Owners Suite.
    Using cruisecritic for reference is a very good idea. Also, there are some great books on cruising out there; Fodors and such.
    If I can be of any help to any of you, as an experienced and savvy cruiser, feel free to PM me. I am familiar with the shopping. Oh, the shopping in the Caribbean. Just be careful to know what you are looking for and be familiar with prices.

  9. Do you not get bored on the repositioning cruises?? I am not sure I could handle having that many days with nothing to see. I have thought about doing them just because I think the journey itself would be kind of cool since I'm sure they are the same routes taken in the very olden days.
  10. There's tons of stuff offered on the ships when they are at sea.
    Dpending on the cruise line it could be cooking classes, lots of classes/info programs & interesting guest speakers are just a couple.
    They'll also open restaurants/bars for all day that are usually closed when they are at shore.
  11. I've been on 7-8 cruises since I started cruising in 2004. I love cruising! I would pack 2-3 bathingsuits so you have an extra while the other is drying. I pack an empty refillable water bottle because it gets hot off the ship and I like to have water with me always.

    I bring small travel sized games.

    I pack clothes for day (around the ship or in ports) and also clothes for evening. I also pack workout clothesk, PJs, sneakers, flip flops, sandals.

    A small clutch/wristlet would be perfect for carrying around your room card around the ship. Also bring a large enough tote to carry your beachy items off the ship to the beach etc.

    Dont forget sunblock, sunglasses, comb, toothpaste, etc.

    I also always pack meds such as tylenol, immodium for diarrhea.

    Dont forget your feminine products.

    I like to start a list of things to pack for cruise and then add to it as I remember.

    Cruises are so much fun! We have one planned for Bermuda from NYC in September.
  12. Is it good to go on a cruise in the carribean in Aug/Sept? I just don't want to encounter a hurricane.
  13. Check with the national hurricane center

    August is right in the middle of the season.

    They might schedule cruises at this time, a ship in port isn't generating revenue.
  14. they do cruises all throughout hurricane season. sh*t happens sometimes. I am booked at the end of September.
  15. If there is a Hurricane the cruse line has back ip plans where to dock instead just invade if impending weather ..hey sometimes where the ship ends up going when there os a hurricane is wayyyyyyy better than where they were planned to dock in the first place ..