Cruise Timeless Classic

  1. Did anyone manage to see these cuise timeless classic during the trunk shows? Are they beautiful? Do you know why the first bag is soooo expensive?($3150):confused1:
  2. I don't remember seeing them, but I think that first one is pretty massive.
  3. Is the first part of the serial no, e.g. A33789 the size, and the 2nd part, Y04339 the fabric/material?
  4. Sophia, I think I saw this in the lambskin and a patent leather as well and the bag was gigantic. I couldn't see myself carrying it, it was very long and too wide.
  5. I was just contemplating because the shape looks a bit like the diamond stitch...
  6. I know! The pics are so misleading though. They look nothing like the bags IRL.
  7. i think that first bag is really big, and it's also patent which i suppose makes it more expensive?
  8. Hi Swanky Mama,
    Is this bigger than the grand shopping tote ???
    From the looks shiny..(like diamond shine range???)
  9. I don't remember seeing them either.
  10. I hate it that they don't have measurements with those drawings.
  11. Really wish I knew how big it is!!!!!!!
  12. ^^^I haven't seen it, but usually the price is higher on the really big bags unless it's an exotic skin, this may be a perfect bag for work or something.

    The pics are impossible to tell if you love them or not, it's imperative to go to Chanel and try on!
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