Cruise speedy - red or blue?

  1. Hi,

    Which cruise speedy in red or blue do you prefer? I already reserved the red one but love the blue one too :drool:...arghh... They are both cute IRL...saw it at the boutique yesterday....

  2. I like both too, but I think I like the red one a bit better because it looks fresh and I don't have a lot of red things. You are lucky you have already seen them IRL! I am going to stop by my boutique maybe tomorrow and see if they are there yet.
  3. i agree with jellybebe. id go with the red
  4. i don't know, i saw the bags 3 times over 5 days, just to make sure, and i still prefer the blue on white. really stands out.
  5. I like the blue too:heart:
  6. I think I prefer the red, but Im scared to get it because its a light fabric and Im scared for color transfer, like from jeans for example. What do you guys think, will it be prone to color transfer?
  7. i prefer the red. but really, either colour is nice :yes:
  8. i tried on both and i have to say i didn't like the red at all.
    so my vote is blue!
  9. I prefer the blue, but the red is beautiful. I'm getting both
  10. Thanks for all your replies! I am now thinking of getting both too...:sweatdrop:
  11. I think there will be colour transfer if you are not careful....its a light fabric...I was told by the SA to be careful if I am wearing

  12. ^^^^^

    My SA called me to let me know they were in. From the photos, I like the blue color, but since you actually SAW them in person, what is your opinion of the handles? Are they a light creme color that would stain easily with dirt, or do you think they could be wiped off, like....epi leather ? thanks...
  13. Red, I like it much better the color is more bold to me.
  14. i haven't seen them IRL, but from the pictures i seem to like the red more
  15. I haven't seen them. Any pictures available? :sad: