Cruise Salina MM--anyone? (monogram rubis)

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  1. RED is my abosulute favorite color and i just saw this bag.

    Is it popular? Anyone have it? Feedback

  2. i dnt have one sorry but omg i love it so much
  3. It's not that popular- came out over a month ago and is still widely available even though it was made in limited quantities. It is a nice bag though- great if you want a unique mono tote with a little flair.

  4. Flair is the exact word. I think the red is the perfect compliment. OMG. I saw a lady carrying this from a far. I tried to speed up so I can see it on her but then she disappeared in the crowd.

    I'd love to hear feedback from anyone that has this bag. Pretty please
  5. i think the rubis line is beautiful for summer, especially for fourth of july!
  6. I think it is a GORGEOUS line! There were just too many other things I wanted to get, and I thought it priced a bit high (for me anyway, at least when added up all of the other handbags.)
  7. I don't own one (unfortunately) but I think this bag is GORGEOUS! :yes:
  8. I'll be the oddball, I'm not a fan. However I did see it on one lady from afar and it looked nice. I think its way too seasonal. Like Christmas, Valentines, Independence Day. Also, the red is very bright and the contrast with the Mono and the Vachetta makes it a bit busy. This is very limiting on your wardrobe options. Its a nice bag, but not as versatile as it should be for the price. Nonetheless if you love it, you should get it. As I understand it, they are still widely available as they really didn't sell all that well. This is great because you won't see many on the streets KWIM
  9. I bought the small/medium one in Italy, it is to die for :heart: The red is RED! And the bag just pops, soon I will put a pic of it up:tup:
  10. I love mine! I think the red is so pretty with the mono :biggrin::biggrin: It is available still, but as posted above in limited quantities.
  11. I go back and forth on this bag....I tried it on several times at LV.I just think its price is a bit high.Maybe if the price was a tad lower,I woulda bought it...

    Its definately a trendier bag...Ive been more conservative lately with my bag choices...which is why I dont own one...yet!
  12. I have this bag and I have to say I absolutely love it! I think the red looks amazing against the monogram and the size is just wonderful. I personally don't think it looks too busy but I've seen a lot of people with that opinion. I guess it just depends on your style.
  13. Here's my belle of the ball... I had to have the keychain that matched it;)
    DSC05622.jpg DSC05623.jpg DSC05625.jpg
  14. This bag definitely grew on me since I first saw it, I love the pop of red! Very unique, I say it's gorgeous!
  15. I think it's a trendy bag and I could never pull it off....I'm sure others could. I love the charms on it that Chag bought.....makes it very cute!