Cruise Rubber Camera Bag...Thoughts?

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  1. Hi! I'm itching for a pink cross body and love the camera bag shape and the bright pink colour from the Cruise collection, but am not sure about the rubber material. Too kitschy? Thoughts?? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461009898.859667.jpg
  2. I think it is a fun bag....great for summer. It may not be a bag I would invest in simply because it's price does not equal the amount of use and longevity for me. I say, if you have the money to burn go for it.
  3. I have not seen this type of bag in person and have no idea how many parts are rubber or what not.. but I worry about the longevity of rubber.

    Have you ever had a pair of rubber-soled shoes disintegrate on you while walking? I have! Far too many times!

  4. I agree, while a comparatively lower price point for Chanel, it seems too much for a non-leather bag?!

  5. Oh gosh, I didn't even think of that!! Super helpful, thank you!!
  6. I've seen this in real life. The rubber does not look cheap, I mistakened it for really smooth leather until I got close and felt it.
    Longevity depends on the exact rubber used, car tires take thousands of miles to wear down.
    My opinion is that it is not throw away quality, it's water proof and light. Only concern is discolouration if it is a light colour to start with. I really considered the rubber flap, but I don't want another flap.
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