Cruise Reissue Question

  1. I was just in the Chanel Boutique and fell in love with one of the new cruise reissues. :heart: It was a soft light gold, not as flashy as another gold one they also had. Does anyone know what the name of this color is? I'm not sure if it is considered "dark gold"? It was close in color to the past-season bronze reissue but a little shinier.

    It was a 226 ($2195) and what I would really love to get is a 225. The SA told me that none of the metallic cruise reissues come smaller than 226, but for some reason I could have sworn they did? Does anyone know if they make a 225 or have seen one anywhere?

    Thanks so much! :flowers:
  2. I think the one you are talking about is actually the dark silver. Call Brendan at the Chanel on 57th in Manhattan - I'm pretty sure he told me that they came in 225.

    Here's a picture of the dark silver next to my dark gold:
    dark silver reissue 226 006a.jpg
  3. I've seen them in person, and I don't recall ever seeing 225...This year there are only 2 sizes..the 226 and 227...I would consider the color a Dark Gold...It's HOT!! I'm partial to the silver though...

    hope this info helps

  4. Yes, it looked very much like the one on the right! Does the dark silver definitely have a gold tinge to it? I hope they make a 225, I will call and ask!

    BTW, your dark gold is gorgeous, I love it!
  5. Is 226 big enough bag? I think I saw it somewhere that 226 is bigger than Medium classic that true??

  6. I have also never seen a 225! I have my fingers crossed though! The silver is also beautiful, I tried that one on as well. They are all so pretty!:love:
  7. Yes, the 226 (in my opinion) is bigger than the medium classic flap.
  8. Yes, it has a gold tinge to it - I was very surprised and it was just too similar to my dark gold one which I love so I couldn't keep it. I have not seen the light silver in person yet, I might consider that one in the future.

    Here's a modeling pic of the darksilver 226:
    dark silver reissue 226 005a.jpg
  9. Yes, the 226 is a little larger than the medium classic flap I believe. I have a medium and I love the size which is why I would love to find a 225. I am partial to smaller bags though (i think I am in the minority though) :smile:

  10. Oh its so beautiful! I really want one! If the 225 does not exist, I must get the 226. I am going to try to hold out til the holidays, but I'm not sure if I will make it.

    The light silver is a very shiny silver!! It was very stunning, but I felt that the more muted "dark silver" suited me better :smile: The light silver is very pretty though
  11. Court, Smooth, thank you!! I was going to buy 227, but started to think it may be too big, esp. in bling colors like metalic. I'll wait for my NM to receive both sizes and compare
  12. They all looked really pretty in the 226, I think it is a good size for the metallics. I havent seen the metallic 227 but the silver and dark gold are very bling and may be overwhelming in the bigger size? All in all, they are all beautiful though :smile:
  13. I swear I saw a small dark silver at Saks in Bala Cynwyd a few days ago. It was more like an evening bag type size IMO.
  14. They definitely come in smaller sizes, even 224. :yes: It is, I guess just a matter of what was bought by the store.;)

    Yesterday I saw 225 and 227 in light silver and dark silver.
    Dark silver looks a bit brownish but very nice and might be used as a day bag. Light silver is loud, but very nice too, I guess it is more for going out bag at least for me. Hardware on both of them is shiny and not aged like on previous re-issues.

    Unfortunately in my store they did not get Copper as they call dark or soft gold. :sad:
    I am really curious, if anyone had seen Copper reissue in reality?
    Is hardware on copper reissue is aged or shiny? :s
  15. I have seen the copper reissue in person. They had it at Short Hills Mall. It is very pretty. It is like a rose gold but not as bright as the gold or silver ones. The hardware and chain is awesome. They were calling the dark gold color beige.