Cruise Reissue Metallic!

  1. I've already posted this in the Reference Library - This is the Spring 07 Cruise Reissue 226 in Dark Silver. Despite the lighting, this is pretty close to true color. I'd describe it as more of a rose pewter than silver. This collector's item (as my SA Cecil called it) has a lot of dimension and is such a gorgeous bag!
    DSC05264small.jpg DSC05265small.jpg DSC05266small.jpg
  2. That bag is absolutely fabulous! :drool:
  3. Gorgeous!!
  4. Congratulations!!! I love the reissues. Wish I could buy one in every color.:p
  5. pretty bag! congrats!
  6. Stunning! Congrats!!!
  7. That is so gorgeous! Congratulations!
  8. Beautiful!!!!
  9. wow that is stunning!
  10. That is beautiful. Where did you find it and how much?
  11. OH WOW!!!:drool: GORGEOUS bag!
  12. CONGRATS!!!! I saw this in the store a while back and kept it on my shoulder the entire time I was looking around....I ended up buy something else, now I regret it. FABULOUS!!!!!! Modeling pics please!
  13. TDF :drool:
  14. Amazing bag.
  15. Love the color! It's beyond gorgeous.