Cruise Reissue Bag

  1. Hi, all. I saw a Gold Reissue bag today at Saks.....OMG it's REALLY GOLD.
    I was hoping that to be a little darker but it was WAY TOO BLING BLING to me. Bag was already sold to someone, and SA said bags were gone as soon as she opened a box. I think it may well be cute if it were for smaller size, but one I saw was 227 size, and just too much.Now I know that color is off my list, I'm waiting for Dark Silver and Patent Black....

    Has anyone seen Patent Black Reissue anywhere?? I'm dying to see it in person, so I can decide between Cabas in Khaki/Teal or Reissue in Black Patent/Dark Silver.

    BTW, Does anyone know if Patent Black comes with a gold or silver hardware?? :rolleyes:
  2. Good to know! I wonder if anyone here is getting one{?}
  3. My SA just called me yesterday to tell me that the Dark Silver 227 is in, and I just came back from the boutique.....without the bag. :s
    IMO, the dark silver is blingy too, and my SA very honestly told me that the metallic silver WILL eventually rub off with wear if you don't take care of it. Being the not-so-careful me, I decided that I'd better just get the black patent one.
    From what I know, the black patent has gold hardware, which i love! So I guess it's another 1 week of waiting i guess :shame:
  4. Yes, I was told that the black patent has the distressed gold hw like the first black reissue.
  5. Oh, good. I was hoping black cmes with gold hardware... I can't wait to see it.
    Gold and silver is a great holiday colors, but IMHO it's too much of money to spend if I'm only going to use it for partys or something.....
  6. I was at Chanel SF yesterday and the SA said the black patent Reissue would have gunmetal hardware like on the silver and dark silver Reissue. I was pretty sure she was mistaken based on forum posts so I asked again (she probably thought I was a complete dolt) and she assured me it would be gunmetal. Isn't that weird? Now I don't know what to expect!
  7. I was the boutique today - they had the gold and silver - definitely way too bright. But they also had the light rose, which is like the color of brand new penny, and the beige - which is a pewter color. Those were gorgeous!!!
  8. I saw a bunch of metallic reissues. The gold and silver are really bright. I liked the color they called beige. It is more of a pewter color. I saw the light rose which looked copper to me. I really liked the hardware on it.
  9. The metallic reissues remind me the vuitton miroir bags
  10. Oooo, that's bad news about the ruboff. Do all metallic bags have this problem in general? I'm on the list for the dark silver but don't like the idea of it not lasting thru at least a few holiday seasons!
  11. Got my 227 Dk Silver Reissue today. It's bronzy silver and gorgeous. The metalic leather doesn't look to me like it will wear off so easily. I am not too worried about it. patent leather and lambskins are more susceptible to scratches to me than the metalics.
  12. Congrats on your new bag!!! Could you please post some pics??

    I will be so dessapointed if Patent Black comes with silver h/w!!!:hysteric:
  13. I just talked to SA at NY Boutique, and he confirmed that H/W of Black Patent Reissue is aged silver.....I'm officially depressed..........
  14. That's how do we explain this picture? (got this from one of the threads) :wtf:
  15. Oh...I forgot about that pics.....hmmmm is that from trunk show? They might have changed h/w color for final production??? :confused1: