cruise pics

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  1. If you are interested please call Damian(Saks) at 610-667-1550.
    He is awesome!!!:tup:
    (Email: )
  2. sorry..forgot the pics..
    blacksatin.jpg cruiseblackflap.jpg cruiseblackflapchain.jpg white cerf tote.jpg
  3. more pics:nuts:
    cuffs.jpg multi colors necklace.jpg pearls.jpg
  4. Love the white Cerf and the CC necklace! Thanks for sharing!
  5. $1500 for a cuff!! Crazy!
  6. So, the jewelly is in store now...?

    I need manyyyy earringsssss..:girlsigh:
  7. I like the clutch. Does anyone know if this comes in anything other than satin?
  8. I like that clutch too! Very affordable!