Cruise Patent Leather is called Crackled Patent

  1. I've spoke to a SA who confirmed that the Cruise Patent Leather is called Crackled Patent. Does anyone have any idea/pictures of what is crackled patent. Have Chanel used crackled patent in any of their previous bags?
  2. Crackled was another word that was used for the glazed lambskin with the star stitching that I returned and hikaru still has (it came out last fall). If it's the same, it's stunning! And I'm so glad I returned mine so that now I can get a bigger bag, the 227 size. Hey mac are you here? Our quest might be over :yahoo:.
  3. ^ yup yup, if that's the same leather as the star-stitched then the leather is GORGEOUS!!!
  4. I think mac will be delighted, so I PMed her the moment I hear about the news.
  5. I'm here!!! Yes I am soooooo excited. That is my bag for sure!! thanks so much Molls and Sophia!!
  6. I ordered the largest black patent with gold hard ware I don't remember it looking like the glazed lambskin.To me it looked just like a reissue with the distressed look.But in patent I think the glazed lambskin was way more crackled and shinier.But their were lots of people looking at the bags.I can't remember for sure.All I know is when I saw it I liked it immediately:yes: :flowers:
  7. if cruise leather is like the crackled patent of 2005, it's going to be really stunning!!
  8. You'll never forget the glazed lambskin when you see it. When you look at it under lights, it looks like the shine is just dancing, almost like a disco ball, well maybe not that severe but it's just amazing.