Cruise packing tips needed

  1. I'm going on a 3 day/3 night cruise this weekend. I'll be flying to Los Angeles and then cruising to Mexico. I know I'll need a cocktail dress and a swimsuit, but what else do I pack??? More importantly, what bags and how many??? I was thinking either my large gold Gaucho, Black Muse, Rebelle, or Gold Silverado and a black saddle and/or white LAMB clutch. I'm a first time cruiser so any other tips would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. I didn't bring any bags for my 7 night cruise, I had no use for one at all. At most, you could bring a little clutch or wristlet for lipstick. But, all the things I would normally need on land, like a cell, keys, money, cards, water, etc. aren't needed on a cruisehip. I just tucked my room key in my pocket and that was it.
  3. You may also want to bring a tote if you will have shore excursions.
  4. I took some casual comfortable clothes with me as for bag, I only took one big bag for everyday use and a little clutch or wristlet.
  5. no purse needed, I went on a 7 day mexico cruise and only brought a wristlet. also I packed for like 2 weeks as I did not know what to bring as it was my first cruise. I can tell you I only used less than 1/4 of what i packed.
  6. I agree with what everyone else has said - no purses needed. Maybe just a clutch/wristlet and some kind of tote bag for shore excursions.

    As for clothing, bring casual stuff for during the day and slightly dressier stuff for the evening (other than formal night). I usually wear shorts/capris and tanks/tees during the day and rather casual skirts and dresses at night. Oh, and bring a lightweight sweater - some areas are super airconditioned.
  7. For bags I just brings a tote to take on excursions and to carry stuff like a book on the plane. I also bring a wristlet because I like to tote around my room key, chapstick and my camera. Many women just have their SOs hold the room key so a bag isn't really necessary.

    As for clothing it will be casual during the day - shorts, capris, khakis, jeans, etc. At night it is a little dressier since they don't allow shorts in the main dining rooms (which is the best place to eat). Tank tops (mainly for men) are also not allowed at night in the main dining room. If you aren't planning to eat there you can wear whatever the entire cruise. Capris and khakis are fine for casual nights and jean work now on most cruise lines. A 3 days is less formal usually than the longer cruises.

    Many people are in resort/tourist wear so don't worry too much about having to be fashionable.

    There are forums like that offer a lot of good cruising advice.
  8. Thanks everyone. I won't be traveling with SO, I'm going with a couple of girlfriends so I'll definitely need a bag for room key, tip money, camera, lipstick, gum. comb etc. Plus I am uncomfortable leaving my passport and wallet in the stateroom. Somehow I think it'll be too cold for shorts and capris this time of year at sea, but I could be mistaken.

    Thanks again everyone.
  9. Not sure which cruise line you'll be going on, but on most major cruise lines you don't need tip money on board. Bar tabs are billed to your cabin and they automatically add the tip. Tips for your dining room staff and room steward are also billed to your cabin. You'll only need cash to tip shore excursion staff and any random people on board you feel inclined to tip (such as casino staff).

    Also, most major cruise lines have safes in the room where you can keep your wallet and passport.

    Have a good time!
  10. Most cruise lines have in-room safes for your passport and wallet and other valuables. While on board you use your room key for purchases around the ship (except for casinos on some lines).
  11. oh im so pleased somebody posted this, we just booked a cruise yesterday for may, cant wait and had no idea on what to take at all!
  12. i went on a 7 day cruise to the carribean and also stayed in florida for a few days last summer. i word of advice on shoes. lol i brought way to many! lacoste, nikes etc. but all i ever wore were flats and flip flops every single day...
  13. I suggest not bringing many suitcases. The last cruise I went on, the staff counted everyone's luggage, and then had the captain announce over the intercom who had the most luggage! There was a couple who had 27 cases...I bet they were embarrassed to have it announced that the crew thought they were packrats!
  14. LOL! 27 cases?! how many days was the cruise?! :lol: ..and I thought I packed heavy with 4 pairs of shoes for a 3 day/2 night stay in Vegas.
  15. Think of everything you might want to take - and then cut that in HALF. It is SO easy to overpack for a cruise!

    I probably overpacked on bags :yes: for our 7-day Caribbean cruise, but looking back, I would've been just fine with TWO bags - one backpack/tote for the beach and excursions, and one stylish waist pouch. I also brought an evening clutch, but my Coach pouch easily doubles as am over-the-shoulder pochette, so I could've done without an evening clutch.

    Have a wonderful time!