Cruise or Spring ??

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Cruise and / or Spring/Summer Purchases ?

  1. Purchasing from Cruise Collection...

  2. Waiting and purchasing from Spring/Summer Collection...

  3. Don't know yet - Hard to control myself....

  4. Here Chanel take ALL my money - purchasing from both....LOL!

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  1. How many of you Chanel addicts are purchasing from Cruise or waiting for Spring/Summer?

    Or, are you Cruising and Springing?:nuts:

    I am going to see the Cruise Collection at the NM Bev Hills trunk show on Wed. but I feel that I will be waiting for the Spring/Summer Collection and the colorful reissues.
  2. I'm waiting out for Spring. I wasn't too impressed with the Cruise line.

    So excited for the new colors in classic flaps and reissues though!
  3. I didn't see anything at the Cruise shows I "needed". I'll be Springing.
  4. I'll definitely be "Springing" into action in a few months hehe! :p I've purchased all of the bags I want for now (reissue, flap, etc.), and I don't really like any of the trendier cruise bags. :smile: I'm really looking forward to the new flap and reissue colors (especially purple and yellow!), but not the prices! :sweatdrop:
  5. I didn't like anything from the Cruise collection. The only bag I want right now, is the purple metallic ressiue. I just hope it won't have gold hw.
  6. i liked the cruise line RTW (yikes) and also the secret label black patent medium classic flap...seems like a good price for 1995 USD and one flap only too!
  7. I am waiting for the spring...for the colorful flaps...I hope they will not go above $3K.
  8. I heard there will be a metallic purple reissue...has anyone else heard this?

  9. Yes, I can't wait for the colors!!! :yahoo:
  10. I'm definitely waiting for the spring/summer collection for next year as i think there may be a chance to get hold a purple caviar flap bag in silver hardware. Since there is nothin to buy from the cruise collection, i'm saving now until my purple flap is available!!
  11. Yeah, a purple metallic reissue that's going to have gold h/w (according to our fellow pfer Lainey's SA). :smile: I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that even though I love purple (I kept picturing silver h/w in my head haha), so I'll have to wait and see. :heart:

  12. It's hard to say...I definately don't want anything from cruise, but I am so afraid of the new prices I hope I won't want anything in Spring either!
  13. The cruise collection is hideous. I must wait and see whether Spring is any better. I hope so!
  14. Definitely spring-summer collection!!
    I like the small clutch with the logos, the black quilted purse with the charms inside, and the colourful reissues!!

    I can't wait!
  15. ^ ditto :graucho: i can't wait too! esp the black quilted lambskin-like bag with charms inside.. heh cruising through cruise onto spring for me! ;)