Cruise Lines-Suggestions etc

  1. Hi guys,

    As most of you know am getting married in March ( theres a thread on it somewhere with wedding dress etc)

    ANYWAY we are deciding on where to go for our honeymoon, at first we thought lets go to vegas, but air tickets etc will kill us ( theres no good deals out of bahrain to US) Anyway so we decided on a cruise around europe..

    just wanted to know if anyones been on one, any suggestions, advice etc? ive been lookign at royal carrabian and they have a nice 14 day cruise around europe...
    but was wondering if someone out there knew of better ones etc..

    any advice is helpful thanks!
  2. Hi My friend works on Silverseas, I would recommend them, they are pricey, you could also try Princess, Holland America.
    I would avoid Carnival if its your honeymoon, but they are good for a general fun ship cruise!
  3. Thanks Sammy joe,

    I would prefer something good, price is a factor but as its a honeymoon ive started saving already for it just to ensure that we get what we want!! teehee.. so hopefully it works out.. ill try the other ones you suggested too
  4. I would avoid Celebrity- there was a huge norovirus outbreak on my ship last summer and apparently, several of its ships had that same problem last year.
  5. March is going to be tricky, Boo. Some schools are out for spring break and it's also spring break for some colleges. The ships might be loaded with people's kids running around and drunk kids on spring break. Royal Carribean and Carnival are going to be loaded with people like this, IMO not an ideal honeymoon scenario.... Have you thought about going somewhere like a Sandals resort?
  6. Hey Boo,

    I forgot to ask how much time you have for your honeymoon? That would help with suggestions... I wish you would go to Paris in March. I'd come over there and see you


  7. I don't think a European cruise will have the same problems as a Caribbean cruise. Will they? Especially with a 14 day one you shouldnt have the week long springbreakers.

    I don't have much advice, except I definitely agree with skipping Carnival for a honeymoon! A lot of the ships are pretty similar that I've been on and I focus more on where each ship is going and how long I'm at each port. I've had good experiences on Royal Caribbean and Princess cruises, they're pretty moderately priced and we didn't have any issues or anything.

    You should check out it might have some suggestions for different lines to check out, and there are people that have reviewd the ships and the itineraries.
  8. Search the following websites:

    I got good price through and cruising via Princess for the following cruises:
    7-day Canadian/New England
    7-Day western Carribean
    7-Day Alaska
    7-Day Mexican Riverira
    15-Day Asia
    I like Princess, and I am a Platinum member.

    I got very good price through for my 7-Day Hawaiian cruise via Norwegian Pride of America. It was under $500, and we got an upgrade to an outside cabin. The trip was memorable.
  9. I went on a Carnival cruise from NYC to San Juan, St. Thomas, and Tortola last summer and I really loved it. When I was younger I went on a Celebrity cruise with my family and I have to say I definitely prefer Carnival. So much more to do on the ship!
  10. We did NCL in April and loved it! It was nice being able to eat whenever we wanted, and the boat was beautiful. The shows were excellent (they had a Cirque show as the big event), and the staff was really nice.

    I've heard from a ton of people that RC is fantastic. My mom's coworker will only cruise with RC, she loves it.

    Congrats on the wedding-to-be, and I hope you have a great honeymoon.
  11. I just got back from a 5 day on Carnival and i must say they really are the "fun ship" cheesy, but so much fun! haha...congrats...
  12. We try to go on at least one cruise a year. So far, Royal Caribbean is our favorite basic cruise line, we are going on one for Christmas. I was on one Princess Cruise, and the ship was dirty all the time; plates sliding back and forth on deck, that kind of thing. Been on Celebrity three times, always been nice. They tend to have an older crowd, not as many children. Was on one Norwegian cruise, food was bad, weather was bad. I might consider it again, my father really likes the freestyle cruising. Been on Disney once, and am going again in October. If you want to have fun, a Disney cruise is great. Since they have so many adult only areas, there is plenty of quiet time. However, I still really like Royal Caribbean. So far the ships have been fun, clean, and the food has been reliable.

    I agree with one of the previous posters.... Before I go on a cruise, I go to and check out the ports so I can plan travel and excursions.
  13. my fiance and i are also thinking about doing a cruise for our honeymoon; probably around the mediterranean though.
  14. My husband and I went on a Mediteranean cruise on Princess and loved it. I agree with the others that is an invaluable website. Keep in mind though that if you really want to see the sights a cruise will only give you a taste of them and it will cost you a lot more than the basic price of the cruise because you will need to add a lot of pricey excursions to get good tours of the cities.