Cruise line pricing

  1. Hey, I am certain the prices of the new cruise line have been posted somewhere around here but I searched threads and have not be able to find them!?! Does anyone have them!

    Thanks so much in advance and sorry for a new thread about this!:shame:
  2. hi crystal! is this it??
  3. YOU ROCK! I was looking for it everywhere! THANKS SOOOO MUCH! :nuts:
  4. Very cute:smile:
  5. ^no problemo...are you thinking of getting something from the line? I'm kinda liking the mini pleaty...but with my budget, it's a bit much!!!
  6. I am thinking about the mini pleaty as well (OMG I hated the custom pleaty- WAY too much going on for my taste!) but I wanted to compare the prices to the current denim. My issue is that I have the blue baggy PM but I LOVE the pleaty style. I am debating about whether to get the new pleaty even though it's also blue or a current mini pleaty in fushia or green!?! HMMM :shrugs:
  7. hmm...honestly, I'd get the current mini pleaty in green, don't know why I just like the green. the cruise mini pleaty is def cute...but the stripes and stamp make it a very trendy bag...but then again havn't seen it IRL, I might change my mind! I don't like the custom either, it seems like all the charms and chains would be bothersome and get in the way! I can imagine it wacking people everytime I'd turn around or put on the bag!:yes:

  8. Custom Mini Pleaty?
  9. Cute bags! What type of material are these items made out of?
  10. Denim! :nuts:
  11. Ohh, ok. Thanks!
  12. It's kinda weird but that green has grown on me as well. When I first saw it I was :yucky: . The new mini pleaty is very cute IRL! Oh well, I still have time to decide. They won't sell out too quickly.
  13. I was refering to regular mini pleaty...regardless, they are the custom and the regular is outta my budget for a small bag!!:yes:
  14. I wonder if these prices will increase also.
  15. ^^ No, they did not increase these prices, they are as listed on that sheet. ;)
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