Cruise Line in Chanel Boutiques

  1. I saw some of the new bags in the cruise collection today in Palm Beach. I peruse various Chanel stores in my area quite requently and this is the first time I saw some of the new line out in person including the perforated one that Sarah Jessica Parker wears in the new Sex.. and the modern chains made from acrylic and a couple soft flaps with acrylic chains. Not impressed so far. Looks like it will be a classic piece for me for Christmas.

    There is one I saw a photo of on TPF that was metallic and doublle quilted that I love, I cant wait to see it in person. Anyone else see some of the new line yet? I imagine the trunk shows have visited some of the cities already. Any bag stand out for anyone?
  2. no trunk shows have arrived here yet... patiently waiting. i cannot wait to see what my local Saks and niemans will be carrying.
  3. nayyy... i'm cruising through Cruise and hopefully by then, i'm tempted to buy something from S/S, otherwise it'd be a sad new year for me. and as for christmas... i might wanna get a clutch for the season... but i'm on a bag ban LOL :graucho: but on a shoe expansion plan, so we'll see we'll see ;)
  4. I went to the trunk show at my Saks yesterday - don't have a C boutique in my state :crybaby:. They had a small collection of bags, all of which have been previewed already:

    -the Ice Cube pochette
    -the Hollywood small flap (for which I waitlisted, along with the large tote), -the coral Icon and another Icon in white (the bigger flap)
    -a few of the LAX bags
    -white Cerf/Executive
    -white Modern Chain EW tote
    -Melrose vinyl dégradé cabas-like tote
    -Melrose satin cabas-like tote
    -Secret Label black patent flap
    -black Walk of Fame small flap
    -Pacific Palisades totes

    They also showed one wedge, a navy patent flat, a black patent peeptoe pump, and a beige/nude pump.

    I was most interested in seeing the Melrose vinyl dégradé flap but Saks did not order any. I ended up waitlisting for the Hollywood bags because I did like the treatment of the lambskin...I'm just not sure that they're very "me." Nothing else interested me at all, and in fact most of the materials seemed very chintzy and cheap to me.

    Ursula22, are you talking about the Metallic Symbols bag? I can't recall if I saw it to be honest, but that's the only other metallic that I can think of for Cruise.
  5. FanAddict - I was there too! I wonder if we were there at the same time. I was there at about 3:00 - 3:30.
    I have to admit, I'm relieved and disappointed at the same time that nothing in Cruise appeals to me. Looking forward to Spring collection.
  6. ursula22 Is Palm Beach already selling the cruise line? I like a few things in the cruise line.. Im waitlisted for the Hollywood hobo (small) and Flap in silver and metalic symbols clutch in gold and silver. im thinking now about the vinyl melrose gradient bag...
  7. Did you girls go to the show at Saks at Somerset? I love Diane, she is the best!!! Please tell me, did you see any nice jewellery?
  8. Yes, the Saks at Somerset. Diane is nice, but I always use Delyse (she's in Chanel now too). She can track down anything.
    They didn't have any jewelry from Cruise at all. Just a few pairs of shoes, and handbags. They had the lookbook for the jewelry, but it's always difficult to get excited about black & white pics. Do you shop at Somerset?
  9. Yes, that is the closet mall to Toronto. That mall is great, it has absolutely everything you can imagine. Now that our dollar is so strong, it is worth the 4 hour drive:_)