Cruise Gm...need Opinions On Size!

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  1. [​IMG]
    Is this too ginormous.....???..My 10 year old thinks so..LOL......and is making me doubt it!
    This bag is driving me insane..The MM was too small.the GM is a tad too big...Its bigger than the MONO STEPHEN!!LOL!..EEK!
  2. I like it, Jill, it's not too ginormous... IMO:love:
  3. Kinda reminds me of my Saleya GM... but I can see you are taller also...
  4. its a little big but its dramatic!
  5. Wowza it is really big, but I think it's fine on you. I like wider bags because I think they make me look less wide. :lol: my happy optical illusion :happydance:
  6. It actually looks good on you. I wasn't able to pull it off quite as well as you, so I opted for the Port Epaule MM bag instead. It's a really nice bag!
  7. It's huge! Wow!
  8. I tried it on in NYC. It's big, but flattens out better than Stephen. I love the charms on it, which the MM doesn't have. I like the size of the MM better for me though. I love the red strap also. I would get the MM because I think it would be much easier to manever when going out to dinner or to a show. Good luck with your decission. They are both beautiful.
  9. ^ i didnt like how the MM sat on me.If the MM had 2 short hand straps..Id LOVE it..The long shoulder strap doesnnt support the width of the MM at all..It looked weird on me too bulky?
  10. I think it looks good on you Jill!!!!!!!!
  11. you rock this bag, jill! looks great on you... however, i don't think it looks suitable as an everyday bag, but great for travel though!
  12. Love it.. love it


    And agree with twiggers :flowers:
  13. That's the same thing that a woman said that was trying it on. She also wanted the short hand straps. Geez, can't they get it right? lol. :nuts: Jill, do you like the mini pleaty with charms?? Thinking about that one. It's small, but big enough for the necessities.
  14. ^Pleaty is too small for me..LOL..They really should of had a size right in between the MM and the GM..LOL
  15. I think it looks great :smile: