CRUISE COLORS for 2.55 reissue...

  1. The stores haven't been updated yet, but here are the colors - I am on the list for a couple of them:
    (this is for Chanel stores stock)

    2.55 - 225: gold (like the luxe line summer gold), dark silver, possibly black (distressed patent)

    2.55 - 226: gold (like the luxe line summer gold), , copper, dark silver, light silver, navy, black (distressed patent)

    I only inquired about these sizes.... but I thought I would update you ladies!!!
  2. all fantastic colors!
  3. Thanks for all the info! You seem to get the best information.
  4. japskvit,
    I am just about to loose my mind trying to keep up with all of these bags. This is just too much fun!!!!!!! Could you let us know if they come on jumbo and what hardware? We would like gold, copper, dark silver, navy, and black patent. Gold, same as the gold bowling right?
  5. its similar to the gold bowling - I'm not sure about the hardware
  6. does the distressed patent look kinda like the cracked glazed lambskin they did last year winter?

    I always knew they would do a navy reissue!
  7. Thanks , keep me posted if you find out about the hardware.

    Bedtime, will chat again tommorrow.
  8. I have NO idea -- my SA calls me every time he gets updates!!
  9. Your SA is sweet:love:
  10. I know - I am compulsive when I'm on a mission and he puts up w/ it!!
  11. japskivt,
    "NO" idea, ok. When I posted the question it was late last night here and I could phone no one to ask. However, I will phone this morning, my SA returns from her holiday today. Thanks, for your post concerning all of the new 2.55 colors. Your information is great, keep up the good work. Also, if I am ever able to again provide you with any information from this side please let me know.
  12. I have the colors for the 227 & 228 but I left the list I wrote at work - it has the hardware - but here are the colors that I remember.. I will update tomorrow

    the 228 will only come in a distressed patent in black w/ aged hardware and a metallic distressed patent in dark silver w/ ruth. hardware (in Chanel Boutiques)

    the 227 will come in distressed patent in navy, dark beige, black w/ aged hardware & a metallic patent in gold w/ gold hardware, copper w/ copper harware, silver & dark silver w/ ruth. hardware
  13. Japskvit,
    You are a "DOLL", OMG we want them all. I know we want the 228, but but I cannot get in my mind what distressed patent looks like. Maybe ,I read something about distressed patent on another thread, cannot remember.The 227 colors sound wonderful. I will go back and locate the thread with the different measurements to compare 227/228. My SA was not at work today, a bit under the weather. Of course, no one else knew what I was talking about. After, that I phoned two other Chanel shops in Paris and recieved no worthwhile information. I suppose no one has actually seen the bags IRL.

    Have you seen them IRL?
  14. Goodness, all fantastic colors. The 2.55 reissue just keeps getting better and better.
  15. Dark silver sounds gorgeous! When are they coming to the stores, anyone knows?