Cruise collection....

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  1. Does anyone know how long they sell the cruise collection in the stores?. Do these go on sale at a certain season? Any idea when? I am still looking at the new britt med hobo. Does anyone have pics of this bag? Sorry for all the questions
  2. I have the Britt tote.....Cruise is just out so it wont be going on sale anytime soon..its too new
  3. Do you have pics, please post. I can't decide on the black or the brown. How to you like itIs the opening big enough, it looks kind of small.
  4. i think cruise goes on sale in the summer?
  5. The britt tote is so nice.

  6. Yup, thats correct!! First week of June.
  7. Cruise probably won't be going on sale until Easter -- when all the sales occur to get rid of Cruise/Resort and allow for Summer lines on the floor.