Cruise Collection

  1. Does anyone know if you can still get items from the Cruise Collection?

    I absolutely LOVE the canvas bags from that collection but don't see them on the LV website.
  2. The Trapeze bags? If so, they are sold out.
  3. Have you tried the Bloor store ? Some of their stuff moves ridiculously slow, so you might be in luck !
  4. Thanks!! :cutesy:
  5. you shpuld call lv, they will locate one for you or even ask let-trade
  6. I want this bag soooo bad!!

  7. Yeah I think the last time I heard, all of these (in the blue, burgundy AND yellow) were sold out all over.
    You *might* be lucky to get a piece, but I'm not sure. Ebay (let-trade) might be your only option right now but be careful because the fakes of these look ridiculously close to the authentic ones. And I don't get fooled that easily, either.
  8. Well I called the LV in St. Barths just in case because sometimes the international stores have discontinued/limited items but the SA told me "Non...Zee bagg is sol out worgd wide" LOL

  9. rihanna uses this bag in her music video for "unfaithful" :love: