Cruise Collection---Sabrina Large Hobo

  1. seconds thoughts, i still like the chain horsebit better
  2. ^^yup i totally agree. the bag mentioned is nice but doesn't have that wow factor.
  3. Fabulous bag, but I'm not such a black bag girl. One in my collection is enough... but, love the shape! Now if it was pink, platinum or white, I'd be all over her...
  4. I just picked up the medium one this weekend. I was hooked upon feeling the soft leather. One word of warning - it does seem that there is a different set of leather lots across the bags (and even on the same bag). I was on the market for an understated, stylish black bag. This one hit the spot with its great leather and light/rose gold hardware which will work with both gold and silver-toned jewelry.
  5. Nomally do not carry black bags but this one is cute... :heart: