Cruise collection reissues - Black or silver? **pics

  1. Girls, i need some opinions - I've attached the Cruise 06 patent reissue pics in black and silver (which I heard will only be out in Nov) I'm leaning more towards the black...but silver is also a stunning colour! :love:
    patent_reissue_black.jpg patent_reissue_black2.jpg patent_reissue_lightsilver.jpg
  2. BLACK!!
    Thanks for posting pics!!
  3. Thanks for your pics...Can't see the Silver all too clearly so I'm a bit afraid it may end up looking like Aluminium Foil...else it looks more exciting.
  4. i like the black one
  5. I like the black one too! How much is it though?
  6. Price should be the same as the other reissues, i guess..:yes:
    Starts from US1875.

    There's another gorgeous colour Dark silver, which unfortunately i couldn't get any pics of!
  7. I think the black would be nicer in the patent. Hopefully we can see more pics. of these soon, though.
  8. OK, here's a desperate attempt to get a peak at the dark silver reissue..:P
  9. i am not a fan of patent too much. but given the choice, i would choose black.
  10. Black!
  11. i love the black
  12. Hmmm...the dark silver looks like it may be pretty, but that first silver reminds me of tinfoil. Black patent is okay.
  13. Ooooh, dark silver looks pretty.

    I'd go for dark silver.
  14. Joia, could you please tell me where you found the pics of these bags? I tried with no luck.

    Thank you.:flowers:
  15. Silver! The first one scared me, but the second pic posted of it peeping out looks AMAZING. Here I go getting on a list again ;).