Cruise Collection Metallics

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  1. Can anyone name all the metallic colors available for the Reissue style in the Cruise collection? I remember seeing a bright gold color, a bright silver color, a rose gold color, and a dark gold-bronze color.

    I ordered my bag from the Bloomies in Chestnut Hill since the NY store did not have it in stock, and I thought that the color I liked was Dark Gold, but a Dark Silver Reissue was charge-sent to me instead. Is there much of a difference between the two colors?
  2. Dark Silver
    Light Silver
    Light Gold
    Copper (rose gold)
    Black Distressed Patent
    Navy Distressed Patent
    I can't remember if it comes in smooth patent.
  3. smooth,
    i seem to recall that you have a dark gold one.... is it the same as bronze? does anyone have a pic of them side by side?
  4. Right I have a Dark Gold 226 from Spring 2006 collection. I ordered, but returned a Dark Silver 226 from Cruise collection because it was too similar to the Dark Gold I loved and could never sell.

  5. Thanks Smooth....
    Do you consider the dark gold shiny, or maybe have metallics sheen? I can handle a bit of metallics sheen like my khaki cabas, but i dont know if i can handle too much shininess......
  6. Awesome. Thanks, Smoothoprter!

    So I guess what I had thought was Dark Gold is actually Dark Silver. It's all cleared up now!
  7. Yes, the dark silver has hues of gold, very difficult to explain. You'll love it.
  8. I cant wait to see them IRL