Cruise collection Black patent classic bag

  1. Hi Ladies! What do you think of the classic patent leather bag from cruise collection? my hubby loves the shiny leather and he told me he will get it for me. what do you think of it? yey? or nay? would you consider it a great investment bag? or would it just fade after the season?
    would you buy it? or if you have, do you love it? high maintenace or not?

    i already have caviar tote and wanting a classic flap.
    thanks in advance!
  2. I love the new cruise patent! It doesn't show fingerprints and the color has a metallic shimmer to it when you look at it up close
  3. I love the patent leather but am not so sure about the label at the bottom of the bag.
  4. Is it the one with the label on the bottom, aka the secret label flap? I love the bag & the patent leather but really wish it comes without that label.
  5. the label spoil the entire thing, it really make the bag look...sorry to say cheaper.
  6. I am not sure about the label either, but I still find so shinning and lovely. It looks more shinning than classic version to me. (is it?) Also, it does not contain the inside flap, for me is easier and lighter.
  7. I absolutely LOVE the crackled patent leather used on the patent flaps I have... it doesn't show fingerprints as easily (but you will get dust on it haha), is classy and soo eye catching!! :love: :tup: IMO, the label on the bottom of the secret label flap "breaks" the bag for me, but if you love it, why not? ;) Personally, I prefer the black patent flaps (medium and Jumbo) that came out for this fall... more timeless IMHO. :smile:
  8. i saw the cruise secret label flap yesterday and wasn't feeling it, the quilting is alot smaller than the usual quilting and it looks oddly small. i don't like the label below the bag, it's not THAT much a secret anymore now that it's quite obvious (almost everyone can see it at the bottom) so IMO it's a little tacky. i prefer the classic flaps that came out for fall, i got the patent jumbo and it's just fabuleux! ;)
  9. I think the bag is really beautiful.
  10. I had the secret label for about an hour. It was really cute, just too small for me. I would get it, if you can use a small bag. I got the jumbo instead. The label on the bottom isn't as obnoxious as we thought it to be. Its a keeper.
  11. sigh, after hearing from everyone, it seems like this, i wish the label is alittle smaller, when i first look at the secret label, i kinda fall in love with it.
    but i really dun like the label, is it really that bad?
    i really like the patent...
    does anyone have a clear photo of the classic patent instead, just to compare whats the difference...thanks
  12. i really did not think of the label that much but if they have the one without, I might wait for that instead. i love the patent leather, so shiny!

    i might just wait for the fall collection. Its not released here in Oz yet. They don't have the label at the bottom right? How much is the one with the label in the USA and the one released for fall? medium and jumbo.
  13. i'm really liking the black patent cruise bag! i'm usually not a very big fan of patent but the small size offsets the "in-your-face" patent. i just saw it IRL a few days ago and thought it was pretty cute- like something you could wear for the evenings.

    though like everyone else has mentioned, the "secret" chanel at the bottom of the bag is pretty tacky, but if you like it, i don't see it as a problem since i'd think that most of the time the bag's bottom would be facing the floor.
  14. I have it today. It's so cute and "the secret tag" does not bother me very much. I love it because it is more shinning than classic one and the color is actually in metallic black. The price, color and shape I think cannot be easily found again in CHANEL.
  15. Ohh, congrats anleena! :smile: :flowers:

    ^Actually, Chanel did release a crackled patent medium (and Jumbo) flap this fall in black. I'm sure it can still be found, so they are available, just maybe not as readily available as the new Cruise bags. :yes:

    The black crackled patent flap was also released last fall, and came back this fall at a higher price point. I don't have the best picture, but here is my medium flap (with no label to speak of on the bottom hehe :p):