Cruise collection at NM short Hill NJ

  1. My wonderful SA Lee called. He has a suade City darker than Caramel with Gray trimming and pewter hardware. He took a picture and sent it to my cell phone. It is gorgeous. I am going to try to load it into computer but if any one is interested please call him at 973-912-0080.
  2. btw, BalNY got them too. :yes:
  3. are these the same price as the RH collection?
  4. I called BalNY and they told me prices are the same as GH. They have a Gray Brief with Dark Gray leather trimming. I saw that one in the trunk show and it was gorgeous. I wish i was a suede person but i am not.
    Sorry i can't download the pic from my cell.:sad:Do you know how?
  5. Thanks for the news, Nanaz! The suede-leather combo sounds sound interesting (and it would probably be soooo soft!). Alas, I would quickly destroy a suede bag, but other ladies could probably keep it clean and rock it well.
  6. does it come in the WE?