1. Hey girls!! Apparently the Chanel cuffs [$150 then] which were sold out really quick with the huge logo on it a few seasons back, are coming back for cruise seasonnnnn!! :yahoo:

    WOOHOOOOOOOO! :wlae::wlae::wlae: I was told by someone who went to the VIP opening of the boutique at Rodeo that the cuffs were available there exclusively for the night and she was told that they will be out for Cruise. She isn't too sure about the price but it's in the 300-400 range : stupid increases going on at Chanel right now. Ask your SA and I'm sure you'll get more information and then come back to share with everyone here!

    I missed them the other time but I'll make sure I won't this time round and you girls shouldn't too! Just a heads-up for everyone who are dying to get their hands on it :heart:

    And yes!! It's the one Whitney was seen with on The Hills :graucho:
  2. I recently saw on eBay these cuffs, the sellers said they were new and from the grand reopening of the BH Chanel store. They were pink and white. They looked authentic to me. Here's a picture of them (picture from eBay). I have no clue what the retail on them is.


  3. oh? is it the one with the huge CC logo on a resin cuff? if it's that, then i have it. mine's a black logo on white, but i don't quite like it cause the logo is so huge. i bought it for less than $150 in paris out of impulse (!!) last fall! lol. now i barely even use it! i'm glad it's coming back, i heard alot of people are looking for it!

  4. I think this is the one the OP was posting about. I know a lot of people still want them. I don't know what other colors they'll come in.
  5. OHMYGOD the new pink ones are wayyyyyyyy cuter than the old ones!! :yahoo::yahoo:It's loveeeeeeeeee :heart::heart::heart:

    Any idea when they get into the boutiques, girlsssss?

    isn't it ridiculous they cost more than double now comparing to the price before?! but the pink one is soososo cute, gotta have it!
  6. I'm going to ask my SA if that $400 range price is correct. That does seem like a huge jump in price from the original $150.
  7. ladydeluxe- oh gosh really?! :wtf: Chanel totally feeds on suckers like me, knowing I'll still get it regardless how much it costs just cause I love it :drool: :heart: someone slap me please.

    you're not a pink person, i assume? to each her own, sweetie :smile:

    DD101- oh yes please do, babe! :smile: ask when it will be out too and update us of course! :p thanks a million!
  8. ^ yes! i saw the $425 price in the eBay auction. it's just so strange, maybe it's due to the $400 price increase (i saw somewhere here in the forum, i forgot, if i remember correctly?) ? imho it's just too absurd!


  9. haha yes! i am not really that a pink person, i do have the cruise translucent pink chanel logo (okay yes shoot me, i just said i didn't like big logos lol) with crystals necklace though! it was fancypants so i had to get it! lol. :roflmfao:

    don't get it! buy it off ebay, get us to authenticate it. it's alot cheaper that way, check out the auction i pasted above. it's BIN at $220! :tup:

  10. cute cuff!
  11. I saw a Chanel SA wearing a black one with a white CC, very cute but the cuff looked quite small (in diameter) so be careful if you have big wrists.
  12. Wow! I so want to run out to Chanel and see if they have it. I wouldn't pay anywhere near $400 for it though, $150's a good price. :yes:
  13. Wow! That's major price increase. But I have to say I do love my black cuff- wearing it now actually:tup:
  14. ^^the one in your avatar is beautiful^^.. I was at the boutique a couple of days ago. And i am pretty sure the prices on those cuffs surpass the $500.00's
    One of then had orange colors in it. it was very lovely..