cruise black reissue s:227

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  1. I am totally in LOVE :heart: :yahoo:

    it is the most perfect bag for day/ work time :tup: THE PERFECT SIZE 227 !!

    SO Vintage ,,, SO distressed ... i loooooooove it

    sorry for the bad pics i took them with my phone, i will upload more once i get my camera wire :heart:
    صورة000.jpg صورة004#1.jpg
  2. sweetie congrats:heart:!I'm so glad you got it:yes:!it's such an elegant beauty!:tup:
  3. chanelsell a special thanks goes for you for your support & help :heart::love:
  4. Congratulations. She's so pretty!
  5. [​IMG]

  6. it's GORGEOUS!! congrats!!!
  7. Thaanks gaals ... more pix coming .. :yahoo:
  8. [​IMG]

    it's so roomy :tup:

  9. congrats
  10. OMG..... My dream bag. You are so lucky to have found it. I wish I was you!
  11. I LOVE IT - GORGEOUS! :heart::heart::heart: Congrats. :tup:

    Is that the metallic or matte black?
  12. wahhhhh it's TDF!! i like the silver chain combo! i got the gold one =/ if i knew there is a silver i would've bought it in a heartbeat!! hehe. how much did it cost and where did ya get it from (was it from eBay? i saw a similar one listed)? ;)

    PS: abitobling, it is definitely a matte distressed black.
  13. Guuurls thanks for your nice words :heart:

    Yes it's vintage distressed matt black ...

    ladydeluxe .. got it from chanel boutique in Dubai ( approx = 2646 $ )

  14. OH NO! Another bag I am lusting for!
  15. NOTTT jealous! :p enjoy her! she's a keeper for sure ;)