Cruise bags available at boutique

  1. My SA mentioned that she already got some of these bags in. I am blanking out on the bag's name--i think it's "hollywood" or something like that-- but it's the one with the big CCs on the flap (seen on SJP during the taping of SATC movie) and gold in color. If you are interested pls call Indra at the boutique in Tysons Corner.
  2. WOAH! That was fast! Thanks for the info!
  3. Thanks for letting us know! Hope it comes out to London soon!!
  4. Thank you!
  5. thanks for the heads-up L! here are pics of SJP wearing the hollywood bag from cruise. i think that size is $2750...
    satcchanelhollywood1.jpg HOLLYWOOD FLAP $2750 - More sizes & colors available - RUNWAY.jpg satcchanelhollywood2.jpg
  6. Anyone know the material? I am under the impression it is perforated...but what? Met or leather?~
  7. Disco metal mesh...LOL!:p
    Remember those halter tops made like this bag...very Studio 54.
  8. it's lambskin perfo!:smile:
  9. Thanks for the info.