***cruise Alert***cruise Alert****

  1. Hope you ladies got cruise control on your vehicles, if not, stay away from the JC site!!! GORGEOUS STUFF!!:drool::drool::drool:. I''l mention just a few, my favorites: Sand Mahala and Maddy, True Metallic Wash Snake, Carissa in Gold and Carolina embroidered Silk and watersnake. My DD, 2,5, saw some of the bags and said, mom, I want that bag, looks like candy. I was like yeah honey, you're absolutely right (mummy wants candy too, and badly):nuts:. This autumn is set to become a very expensive one...:sweatdrop:.
  2. Now I know where Stinker saw the yellow Ring. I just checked out the site. What do you all think about the Marina? Looks like the Marin stretched out with a conventional handle. The neon blue Mahala is not posted, but the Malena is.

    I still favor the Poppy Mahala and Cigar Riki. If I could do a light color, the Champagne Mave would be my choice.

    Now, I've got to get back and look at the shoes. Thanks for posting the alert!
  3. I checked the Jimmy Choo boutique online and the Neon Blue Mahala is not there. I called the boutique in London and they said that Europe will not be receiving that color bag for the cruise collection. Has anyone seen it in the US? How strange......:confused1:
  4. I saw a picture of the Neon Blue Mahala in the look-book at Nordstrom. Also, they will get it in the US boutiques, I've confirmed that with a Choo SA.
  5. My birthday is in April girls....start saving now! :p

  6. Oh, but in the realm of reality, my favorite color so far (other than the above tdf bag), is the Poppy. It looks like a beautiful shade of red and perfect for the Mahala. I'm very glad the Mahala is not a style I prefer, but the Maddie is really starting to look good to me, and it's all Jmcadon's fault! :boxing:
  7. Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh...do I sound like Meg Ryan in "When Harry met Sally"? Anyone who has seen that movie will know what I mean! If this color is available in Maddy...that's my next bag!!!
  8. ^^ It totally matches your Viper. You've got to have it!! I'll start saving for the both of you...:sweatdrop:
  9. You and me both JM! I LOVE that bag, but not in a Ramona, not for the retail price, and I don't know about the Anaconda (although I could live with it!). But OMG, I LOVE the color! And you are so right, in a Maddy it would be TDF! :love:

    Btw..."When Harry Met Sally" was always one of my favorite movies. But I tried watching it not too long ago and I kept thinking "Wow, Meg Ryan looks so young in this movie!"...."Gosh, she sure has aged!". And then I remembered that she's a few years younger than me....:push:
  10. Why THANK YOU Polaremil! :tender:

    My birthday is April 20th....or....and I'm just trying to make things easier for you....if you would rather send it to me as a Christmas gift next month, that would be fine too! :yes:
  11. :roflmfao: Ok, if I get the winning mega millions tonight I will see what I can do.
  12. Meg Ryan was gorgeous, I saw her in person in Paris a few years ago - but she has had some questionable plastic surgery and IMO the cuteness was suddenly gone.
  13. ^ Sigh...this distresses me. The first time I saw Meg Ryan was when she took over the role of "Betsy" on "As the World Turns" (I was very, very young, I just have an amazing memory). She was always cute as a button! And then I saw photos of her from a few years ago where you could tell that she'd had surgery...and it wasn't pretty. :yucky:

    She's still not "old" and yet she's pretty much out of the lime-light....I think she had a bit too much "touch-up" work done. Especially her lips...oy.

    Eh...it's gotta be tough getting old(er) in Hollywood! :tdown:
  14. ^^I think most of the stars do it no matter what they say. Hell, if that was my buisness I would. But I think you can only do it once. You don't want your nose to fall off like Michael Jackson!
    I'll spend my $$ on bags and shoes! (I may change my mind in a few years!):nuts:
  15. That blue bag is AMAZING!