Cruise 2020 Reveal

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  1. After this bag was released and the pre-orders closed I decided I wanted it (as is what usually happens with me)!
    After stalking online, and missing one of them by a hour last week, my wonderful SA put this bag aside for me - I was very happy when I picked it up yesterday.
    cruise1.jpg cruise2.jpg
  2. Here!
  3. The Moon backpack in midnight monogram. I just fell in love with the logo design on this bag.
    Only downside is the key fob is attached to the zip so cannot be removed. It is a nicely structured bag and stands on its own. I love the top handle that allows me to carry in the crook of my arm, and the other straps can be just flung over my shoulder.

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  4. Beautiful! How do you like it???? I have a request in to my store for this bag...
  5. This canvas looks great!:loveeyes:
  6. I love it so far, have not tried it out IRL yet, but it is a nicely sized bag and features one of the smoothest zips yet!
  7. I love the look and feel of this canvas, the embossing is fab, very tactile.
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  8. This bag was sitting in the Honolulu store just a few days ago if anyone is looking..
  9. Beautiful! Enjoy!
  10. Lovely. Congratulations!
  11. Such a cool bag! I love it! Congratulations!!
  12. The structure of that zipper is key. Hopefully there will be no issues. Congratulations!! It’s very pretty.
  13. Congrats on your new bag!
  14. Congrats! I saw this in person and your pics are great, enjoy
  15. Congrats...I like how you can remove the straps and just use it as a hand carry bag ! Is the canvas rigid or more pliable ?