Cruise 2020 - NYC

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  1. Mark your calendars. May 8th, 2019.
  2. Wow. I really want to see how his inspirations turn into designs. Can't wait. He's a real genius!!!:heart::heart::heart:
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  3. Lol, I totally didn't keep this thread alive. Oops.
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  4. Brace yourselves, Mini LVoers.
    67500041_449484868982751_7662485224339599445_n.jpg Credit to bagaholicboy.
  5. I want it all! I went ahead and bought a vintage Bel Air until I can see the new version :heart:
    I was hoping these would be out before the holidays.
    Thanks for posting these and starting this thread!
  6. Loving the Dauphine SLGs. The minis are fun collector items.
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  7. Love the Bel Air! Looks like a good alternative to the Pochette Metis. How are you liking it?
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  8. Thanks for sharing. I want everything especially the mini backpack and the egg! More so the egg! Love it and mypoor wallet is in trouble
  9. Aww look at the tiny PSM & Bum Bag. I see the PS has no lip around the zipper and looks like it goes on a belt bag, cute. Bum bag has black leather! I just can't take these tiny bags any more. Stop it. lol.
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  10. They keep trying it with these LOL

  11. Tiny things are so much cuter than regular sized things :love:
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  12. I love it:heart: I am still airing it out, since it arrived with a slight storage or perfume scent:smile:
    It is such a great design!

    22E04815-18DD-4CDE-8E48-0D5339F39DF3.jpeg DB87D8D1-36BF-4C79-9C9C-34D0F0B311DE.jpeg
  13. I totally agree! I love anything tiny- I drive a Mini and have a chihuahua:heart:
  14. Does this look like a full-sized Twist or a WOC? I love it but don’t want another WOC.

  15. Really love this one! What is the name of it?
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