Cruise 2018

  1. Hi all,
    I just received word on some Cruise 18 minis.

    I don't have the whole buy book but I know one boutique in particular is getting the following in rectangular minis (since we're all mini crazy!)

    -Black lambskin with light gold hardware

    Caviar with silver hardware
    -light yellow
    -dark blue
    -light red
    -light beige

    -Iridescent caviar in green (hardware unknown)
    -Iridescent caviar in black (hardware unknown)

    My SA isn't sure if those bags are quilted or chevron. She will let me know once she finds out more.

    So if you are interested and didn't like or couldn't get anything for 17B, this is your chance to get on the list now! If anyone knows what other stores are getting, feel free to post it here!
  2. Thanks for posting. I really want a WOC with silver hardware AND chevron pattern (pink, grey or blue). I'd consider black as a last option.
  3. Interesting, I thought Cruise and spring were typically dominated by lambskin minis. I'd be excited for light yellow with silver hardware but I kind of want lamb for bright colors.
  4. Oh that light beige sounds wonderful.
  5. Oh my goodness gracious me, another red mini and dark blue mini ? My wallet is already crying with this ACT 1. Guess black mini from Act 1 is gonna have to wait. Hope it's a black chevron mini.
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  6. Light beige sounds lovely! Do you know when these minis will release?
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  7. Can you let me know if there will be one in caviar chevron blue or navy?
  8. Thank you so much for posting this info :happydance::hugs: count me in for the dark blue and/or light beige Mini... I'm hoping that blue is kind of navy blue... aah, too exciting!
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  9. I think around October/November
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  10. Thank you! Really looking forward to seeing the light beige :smile:
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  11. ooooh yes, me also!!!! Light beige with shw sounds sooo pretty :loveeyes::heart: and the dark blue sounds also very pretty... oh boy, although my wallet still hurts from my fall act I purchases (reveal soon ;)) and already I'm planning the next ones :lol:
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  12. I "only" purchased the red mini from act I, but the dark beige also caught my eye ;) I think I'm going to wait for the light beige though. Looking forward to your Act I reveal, I am sure you picked up some gorgeous pieces!
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  13. I'll try to ask my SA for you! She can't send me the whole buy book but she can look into it and tell me what they are getting but through texting, I feel bad making her type out a whole list haha!

    I'm still a bit of a newbie when it comes to Chanel bags but I know during Cruise last year, I got a pink calfskin mini. Not sure how the lambskin vs caviar/calfskin gets decided though. Maybe Saks or NM gets a different buy list? I was thinking of the light yellow too but it would prob be prettier in lamb than caviar.
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  14. yes it does!! I already have my SA put me down for another black and light beige haha! Cause i'm not sure how much I like the current 17B caviar black mini due to all the issues.

    She said November. Since Fall Act 2 is in September. But I assume late October to early November?
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  15. I know!! :shocked: I'm hoping that when it comes out, it's not what I'm looking for haha! My wallet is in pain too since I bought 2 minis for Act 1!

    Yes, once she finds out, i'll post it here! She said the descriptions are very vague haha.

    You're welcome, I'll post it here once she finds out more! I didn't like Act 1 blue for some reason, didn't look appealing to me.