Cruise 2017 Collection Bag in Geranium

  1. Last weekend, DH and I went to my local store to check out the new colors. My SA showed me four Cabats: black with a subtle metallic treatment; Canard; Barolo; and Vesuvio. They were all beautiful, but none grabbed my heart. (I do hope to get a Cabat someday.)

    Then my SA showed me a runway bag from the Cruise 2017 collection. DH said he really liked it (whaaaatt?!), so he bought it for me.

    Here's the sweet surprise from my best friend---she has no name,
    just "shoulder bag" in Geranium intrecciato nappa.
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  2. More pics:
    IMG_1494562799.414242.jpg IMG_1494562811.237359.jpg IMG_1494562821.271689.jpg

    I love this Geranium color.
  3. That's an interesting looking bag. It has a little bit of a Monaco Bag vibe to it but not quite, you know?
    I like the detailing on the front, did your SA mention what it was called?
    Congrats, it's very pretty and feminine! :flowers:
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  5. Found it! (lol). Apparently they're calling it "scales details" :huh:
    Per BV: The design is embellished by a unique 3D geometric pattern highlighting the front flap and contrasting painted edges.
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    Thank you! Yes, this bag looks like a cousin to the Monaco. My SA told me she figured that I would like this bag when it came in because I have a Monaco. She knows what I like.

    I see that you already found out what technique was used to make the little flaps! Where do you find that information, I want to know?!

    Yes, it's the "scales" technique. The leather is laser cut. There is black leather underneath to create contrast.
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  7. Thank you!
  8. Here's a better pic to show that there is actually black leather underneath, no painted edges.
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  9. I just flipped all the flaps up because I like the 3D effect, but most have already flopped down.
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  10. I don't even know how I found it. I searched the BV site and - nothing! So I used my special Google powers and typed in Bottega Veneta Geranium and this popped up in the images.
    * I remembered you had the Monaco Bag - is it Canard? (I think you were the first to reveal one on the forum)

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  11. The "scales" are so unique, makes the bag an art piece. The color complements your dress perfectly. I think it is really nice that your SA knows your preferences.
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  12. Very cute bag --- the scales are intriguing and the shape is unique! Congrats!
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  13. Lucky you! What a nice gift! The geranium color is so cheerful, and the black-accented detailing is really special. I like the contrast of the smooth leather on sides and back, too. Enjoy! Thanks for the photos!
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  14. I think it's super cute and girlie and sophisticated at the same time. I love how BV does that! A very nice acquisition!
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  15. Thank you!
    The shape caught my eye first.